Fernando Tatis Jr. will not have shoulder surgery

Kevin AC of the San Diego Union-Tribune reported that Padres star Fernando Tatas Jr. has decided to stop surgery on his left shoulder. There was some speculation inside and outside the organization that he would have to go under the knife this winter which could fix the problem that plagued him several times throughout the season, but apparently it won’t. Instead he will resort to non-surgical means to strengthen the area in the winter in an effort to stay healthy.

Last season Tatas had two separate IL stents for shoulder problems, missing at least 10 days in April and a few more weeks in August. In both cases, he was injured in baseball activities – the first one happened in a swing, the second one was sliding on a base. Both injuries initially seem to have the potential for a long absence, but Tatís return in a relatively short order each time.

While Tatís was healthy enough to play, he no longer felt bad for getting on the plate. In the presence of 546 plates, the 22-year-old hit a huge .282 / .364 / .611 with 42 home runs. By WRC +, its offensive output is 5 percentage points above the league average, with Bryce Harper, Vladimir Guerrero Jr. and Juan Soto topping the 500+ travelers on the plate.

Shoulder problems had a significant impact defensively, as Padres slipped Tatis from a shortstop to a good portion of the stretch run on the outfield. The move was originally intended to reduce the likelihood of re-injury, but the Tots were mostly back at shortstop for the last three weeks of the season. There is no doubt about his position from this moment on, as All-Star has already recorded his determination to stay at the shortstop in 2022 and beyond.

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