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To the editor:

Again, as vaccine-alert workers prepare to lose their jobs, New York hospitals are ready for pressure “(news article, September 27):

I’m a doctor, and I’m disappointed that many of my colleagues will lose their jobs rather than be vaccinated. No one, especially a healthcare worker, has a right when the patient’s health is at risk.

It reminded me of the 1981 situation of air traffic controllers, which I supported, but it showed that you can go through the crisis of mass beating of essential workers. The tech-home lesson is that there is a difference between being essential and being immutable. While employees need protection against employer abuse and exploitation, neither is the current situation.

For those who think it’s a matter of personal autonomy, I say that sometimes taking a position comes with personal sacrifice. It is their right and their choice, but what they are being asked to do is reasonable.

Charles Burke

To the editor:

No more excuses. Let’s not let the anti-vaccine people ruin it for the rest of us. It’s time to dump her and move on. I would like to go to a hospital or clinic where everyone is vaccinated. I did my part; Now it’s time for others to do them. So I will not allow any doctor to do my treatment until vaccinated. We can all do it, and the pressure will be on not only government and business, but also individuals. Let us regain our power.

The same is true of schools. Teachers who do not want to be vaccinated endanger the lives of colleagues and students. Children are suffering and dying due to the denial of supposedly responsible adults. Let’s come together as parents and demand vaccinated teachers, coaches and school staff.

Opinion conversation
Questions surrounding the Covid-1 vaccine and its rollout.

We can all do it. It’s time for us to be active. No more excuses; Stand and fight.

Ann Mary Brown
Winchester, Mass

To the editor:

Again, “The Shot Mandate for New York City Teachers Could Move Forward” (news article, September 28):

It seems that some teachers want to keep the current option of testing instead of getting vaccinated. The best way to solve this problem is to give them two choices. Either they get the vaccine for free, or they get tested on a daily basis (with quick testing) and at their expense.

There is no reason to pay school districts for exams. Weekly testing should not be an option, as then it is possible to test negative, get Covid-1 and spread it before the next test.

Given the choice of a free vaccine or expensive test, you may be surprised at how many teachers and school staff get shots.

Mike Lacroix
Hamilton, Ontario

To the editor:

Why can’t vaccinated healthcare workers keep their jobs, and set up mobile clinics outside hospitals where they can take care of vaccinated covid patients? This will free up hospitals to care for non-cowardly, emergency patients who are being moved away by jammed ICUs.

This approach respects the commitment of the irresistible to choose the freedom of choice in the public interest. It may also induce some of these holdouts to be vaccinated.

David Baldwin
Petaluma, Calif.

To the editor:

The tragic abuse of Haitian asylum seekers by Border Patrol agents in Texas did not occur in a vacuum. It is the direct result of decades of racist immigration policy that has unequally harmed black immigrants and the deliberate choice of the Biden administration to break its commitment to humane treatment of people for security in the United States.

For months, refugee rights advocates have warned that President Biden is doubling down on the most damaging immigration policy of his predecessors.

Indeed, the injustice and inhumanity we have seen in Del Rio, Texas, is exactly why Oxfam and our partners are suing the Biden administration against the xenophobic and racist Title 42 policy that is being used to expel Haitians and others for widely denied health claims.

It doesn’t have to be this way. The United States has the potential to be a beacon of hope for oppressed people around the world. Now is the time for President Biden and Congress to live up to that potential and change our immigration system for the better.

Noah Gotschalak
The author is a global policy leader for Oxfam America.

To the editor:

Again “Presidential Resort for Tightening the Border” (first page, September 23):

Our recovering economy is lagging behind due to the labor crisis in poorly paid and unpleasant necessities. The willing workforce for this job was recently spotted in Del Rio, Texas. So we are deporting them to their small, fragmented country, where they have not lived for many years.

Because we’re doing it … ???

Dan Berger

To the editor:

Again “Leaving Texas for Abortion and Leaving Texas” (first page, 2 Sep September):

Is this what conservative Supreme Court justices really want for Texas women? Cruelty denies logic. Nearly 50 years after Rowe v. Wade, this backward move, identified by the men of the Republican Party, could finally shatter the potential resurgence of Trumpism in America.

Emily Samton
New York

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