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A U.S. government employee has been arrested on suspicion of spying for the sale of nuclear-powered warships to a foreign government. Federal employees were asked to pay in Moniro cryptocurrency. “I am very aware of the risks of blockchain analysis of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and believe that Moniro gives excellent denials to both of us,” he told a secret FBI agent.

The nuclear engineer sells limited data for Moniro

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) announced Sunday that a Navy SEAL selling limited information for cryptocurrencies has been arrested on espionage charges.

Jonathan Tobe, a nuclear engineer, was assigned to the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program, also known as the Naval Reactor. He obtained an active national security clearance through the U.S. Department of Defense to be granted access to limited information.

He and his wife, Diana Tobe, “sold information known as nuclear-powered warship design to a man who they believed was a representative of a foreign power,” the DOJ explained:

In fact, the man was a secret FBI agent. Toebbes has been charged with a felony count of violating nuclear energy law.

Attorney General Merrick B. Garland said, “The complaint alleges a conspiracy to send information about the design of our nuclear submarine to a foreign nation.”

Toebbe spy instructed the FBI agent to pay him in Monero (XMR) cryptocurrency. According to the complaint, he told the FBI agent:

I’ll give you a Moniro address … I’m very aware of the risks of blockchain analysis of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and believe Moniro gives us both excellent denials.

The first sale was in June in West Virginia. After receiving an SD card containing restricted information about the submarine nuclear reactor, the spy agent paid the nuclear engineer মন 10,000 in “honest trust” money in Monroe and sent $ 20,000 in confidential currency.

The couple sold another SD card with limited data to an undercover agent in August for 70 70,000, bringing the total amount to 100 100,000.

According to the DOJ, “The FBI arrested Jonathan and Diana Tobe on Oct. 9, when she placed another SD card in a pre-arranged ‘Dead Drop’ in second place in West Virginia.”

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