Farrell Williams pulls his ‘Something in the Water’ festival from Virginia Beach and calls on the city for ‘toxic energy’

It seems Farrell Williams and his annual “Something in the Water” will not be hosting a music festival at his birthplace, Virginia Beach.

According to Wavy News10, The mogul sent a letter to Virginia Beach City manager Patrick Duhane on Tuesday, noting that the city was being run by “toxic forces” and he also mentioned the death of his cousin, which happened in March. In the letter, Farrell described how the festival “was able to reduce ethnic tensions, unify the region, bring opportunities for economic development and expand the horizons of the local business community.”

However, he felt that the efforts he put in to improve the community did not match the city. “I hope that the energy I felt from the Virginia Beach leadership after losing the festival was similarly sent even after the loss of my relative’s life.”

E.g. Previously Farrell’s cousin Donovan Lynch was reportedly killed in March. At the time, Virginia Beach had multiple shootings over the weekend. Donovan was unfortunately one of the victims of their deaths. Desayla Harris, Who appeared in the 17th edition of “The Bad Girls Club”, was another victim. Police were involved in Donovan’s deadly shooting because they alleged that “he branded a gun when police came in contact with him.” The officers’ body cameras were not on during the shooting.

Farrell continues to say in his letter to Duhani, “Unless the doorman and the power যা which considers the citizen and consumer base and sees human rights concepts as a controversial concept for all. I have no problem with the city but I understand that the city is not worth even by the proposed solution. ”

See his full letter Here.

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TSR Staff: Z Ashley @ Z_Ashley4

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