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Are you integrated with the portfolio management system?

Yes, we are currently merging with Orion, Black Diamond and Adapter. Our integrations with the portfolio management system are well-established and include detailed account information for all clients across the firm, such as tax lots and costs.

Are you integrated with any CRM?

Yes, companies that use RedTel or Wealthbox CRM software can view betterment client account information in the CRM interface after enabling integration.

To enable Redtail integration, please email with your Redtail username. Once you have received confirmation that integration via email is enabled, you will be able to view client account information and balances on Redtail. This may take several days.

To enable Wealthbox, first login to Wealthbox. Go to the Applications area, select Improvements for Advisors, select Enable, and click “Request Advanced Integration.” Once you have received confirmation that integration via email is enabled, you can view client account information, balances, recent transactions, and tax lots in the Wealthbox’s Betterment tab. This may take several days.

Do you integrate with any financial planning tools?

Yes, we are currently merging with RightCapital, eMoney Advisors and MoneyGuidePro. Our integration with RightCapital is at a strong level and at the client level of eMoney and MoneyGuidePro. For client-level integrations, your clients need to link their advanced accounts using their username and password. Our plan integrations do not include tax lot and cost based data.

Can my firm access our raw data feed?

Yes, in addition to disclosing your firm’s data to your integration partners, we can also provide your firm with raw files via SFTP. If you want to get raw file then contact us*

How long does it take to enable my data feed?

This can take up to 4-5 business days.

How do I get my data into my portfolio management system?

If your firm uses a system integrated with ours, please email support and let us know if you would like to enable integration. We’ll email you to confirm when integration is turned on. Please note that integration may take several days to complete after your request.

How do clients automatically import their tax information into tax preparation software?

My clients have limited number of transactions with tax preparation software. How can I use it to report all transactions?

Some versions of tax preparation software have a limitation of transaction lines that support automatic uploads. If clients encounter this scenario and are unable to automatically import the tax form, the IRS allows clients to report a summary of their electronic tax return and send a paper copy of their statement to the IRS after receiving the tax return. For more information, see Please note that Betterment is not a tax advisor and the information provided should not be construed as tax advice but should be used for informational purposes only. Please consult with a qualified tax professional or IRS to determine the rules that apply to your personal tax situation.

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