Fanganomics completes first round of seed investment to accelerate development of NFT and gaming ecosystem – Press Release Bitcoin News

Press Release. Ethereum-based solutions will be a premier, bespoke online community that will bring together NFT investors, partners, play-to-earn gamers and developers.

Although new NFT and PTE gaming sites seem to be being set up every day, it is rare for anyone to come together in a seamless, intuitive way to create a truly powerful and inclusive community that delights and rewards all key stakeholders.

Funganomics, however, is preparing for the “next key” in this new and exciting space, bridging the gaps in functionality and user experience that are currently challenging other platforms and their digital communities.

In particular, the new ecosystem will have several key functional areas that will work together, including Fungatopia (NFTs), FGS Games (PTE Gaming) and Fungality (AR / VR Experience) to complete all successful registered trademark applications.

The UK-based company announced the successful completion of its initial seed round of funding on 18 November, the source of which was a private investor in the United States. The company indicated it would use the funds to support staff growth, additional technology infrastructure and software capabilities.

Jeremy Roberts, CEO and Founder, said, “Fanganomics is uniquely positioned to provide a wide range of solutions in the blockchain sector. We are delighted to be able to help the company grow its aggression. The goal in the coming months. “

Roberts added, “To date the team has achieved several significant milestones and benchmarks in terms of progress and we are on track to both pre-sell FGS tokens and drop our first NFT game character through our custom-built. Platform Fanganomics is delivering new technology at the right moment in a rich blockchain market with very powerful token utilities. You can read our blog post about the company’s progress here “

Funganomics Token pre-sale is temporarily scheduled for November 30th, with NFT Character Drop scheduled for December 16th soon.

To further expand and accelerate progress on its product portfolio roadmap, the company intends to formally explore Venture Capital Alliance after their initial presale and NFT character identification.

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