Facebook is reportedly going to change its name in an attempt to brand the company

It was an exciting week for #roommates, the social media platform Facebook, as the hugely popular company faced a massive upheaval that rocked the Internet and introduced a new anti-harassment and anti-bullying policy slate. However, if the new report proves correct, Facebook is going through a major change that will call the company a completely different name.

V The Verge reports exclusively, according to sources with direct knowledge of Facebook’s practices, and plans to change the company’s name permanently early next week. Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg will formally discuss the company’s name change at Facebook’s annual connectivity conference on October 28th.MAlthough there is a strong possibility that the name may have been changed earlier. The name change is the first step in the company’s efforts to make itself known for more than just social media, highlighting that Facebook owns a huge chunk of the social media landscape courtesy of Instagram, WhatsApp and more.

Apparently, Facebook’s new name is such a highly secure secret that even senior employees at the company don’t know what it will be like at the moment. Technical experts speculate that Facebook could potentially do something about Horizon by changing its name – an unpublished VR version of Facebook and Roblox mash-ups that have been in development for the past few years. ‘Horizon Worlds’ (VR app name) is what insiders believe could be the choice of top names.

Meanwhile, Mark Zuckerberg is known to want to usher in a new era of metavers on Facebook, which he said earlier “is going to be a big focus, and I think it’s only going to be a big part of the next chapter. The way the Internet evolves after mobile internet. Strangers, a metaverse is a person in a virtual world who escapes the dystopian, real world.

Whatever the timeline, it’s clear that we know that Facebook is definitely going to change.

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