Facebook crashes worldwide after mainstream media heralds complain of ‘whistle blower’

Without warning, Facebook crashed on Monday morning.

It is not clear what is the cause of today’s global confusion after seeing Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram all crash.

Thousands of internal documents published in this blockbuster series were shut down after the former Facebook product manager became a “whistle blower”. The Wall Street Journal.

Facebook officials have acknowledged in an internal memorandum that Zuckerberg “humbled” the United States to vaccinate, facilitating human trafficking and the company’s subsidiary Instagram, which is harmful in leaking harmful information to teens.

Running: “Tell your son to stop tweeting about me” – Lieutenant Colonel Stuart Shelley insults Trump and his family

However, Whistleblower, 37-year-old data scientist Frances Hausen, who led Facebook’s Citizen Integrity and Misinformation group, which began in 2019, was the main censor on social media platforms before the 2020 scam.

Frances Hausen, a former Facebook product manager, has cited thousands of pages of internal company research as leaked.

Like the Huizen blowers who have unveiled big technology before, Hausen is clearly being championed by the mainstream media.

Although the latest leaked documents confirm the veracity of repeated allegations against Facebook, the latest revelation is suspected of being a psychological ploy by Facebook to merge with the federal government to gain uncontrolled power.

Facebook executives “Look people are leaving Facebook. They’re going to GETTR, they’re going to Telegram. They’re going everywhere else. They’re sharing the Rumble.” Human phenomena Jack Posobic told Steve Bannon on Monday. “He was the main censor at the FB during the 2020 election. Yet he’s going to come out and act like he’s a whistle blower? No.

Hodge warns of controlled opposition, posobic.

“He understands that the only way to do that is through legal action. They want the government to come forward and they are going to use brutal force, ”he said. “They’re going to say the only way to fix it is, of course, ‘going to be government action for the greater good.

“Think of the whistle blowers that came from Facebook, Google, Pinterest Veritas project – They are the real whistle blowers – those who lose their jobs, sue, lose. There are boys behind bars. Actual whistle blowers are not thrown 60-minutes. This is an operation. ”

Zuckerberg has not yet publicly commented on many of the allegations published since Sept. 13. Instead, in recent weeks the CEO has posted videos of sailing and fencing on his own profile.

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