Fabio Paratice: Managing Director of Tottenham’s long-term football plan. Football news

Fabio Paratisi says he is committed to a long-term project at Tottenham and insists there are all the conditions to do something “really, really big”.

Tottenham’s managing director of football has been tasked with bringing Spurs back to the top table in English football, where they have been with Mauricio Pochettino since the mid-2010s.

The Spurs’ slide was alarming after reaching the Champions League final in 2019, and Perth was brought to the club in July after turning Juventus into a European superpower during his 11-year stint.

This seems like a much bigger task because the Spurs don’t have the ability to spend on opponents and need a big overhaul of their squad.

It started this summer after the Italians selected Nuno Espirito Santo as the new head coach, with Cristian Romero, Brian Gill, Emerson Royal and Pierre Luigi Golini coming up.

Paraty knows there will be ups and downs but is committed to the “big picture”.

Sunday 17 October at 4:00 p.m.

Starting at half past one in the afternoon

“When we started 11 years ago it wasn’t like last year at Juve, we started at another point,” he told Spurs TV.

“We had a goal in mind and we didn’t lose our goal even after a month which was not so good. We focused on this path and were determined to follow our path. No one can bother us with what we want to achieve. Direction.

“A lot of times the path is not straight, you have to stay up and down and you have to resist it and don’t change your mindset or focus, stay there and we have to do it.

“A lot of people know what they want to achieve but many don’t know what they have to do to get results.

“I’m not someone who stays in a club for six months, one year, two years. The last two experiences are 11 and six years, so I’ve been thinking for a long time that our goal is to create something.

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“When I talk about the big picture, it’s, we have the best infrastructure in the world, amazing fans, we’re in a big city, the best city in Europe, so we have everything to make something really, really big.

“We all need support because if we are positive and everyone stays together, the path is easier.”

‘Mentality first, football style second’

Nuno Esperito Santo
Nuno Espirito has checked-out for his type of play at Santo Spurs

This season has seen a mixed start after three Premier League wins against Crystal Palace, Chelsea and Arsenal before returning to the Spurs track against Aston Villa last season.

The Spurs’ playing style under Nuno has caused controversy for many because it contradicted the wishes of Daniel Levy, chairman of “attack, free-flowing and recreational football.”

Asked what the big picture looks like, Paratisi adds: “To be competitive, organize the club properly and focus on the team. Choose the right players, first about the mentality, second about the style of football.

“To build the best team and the best style of football. It’s our goal, it’s not that hard to think, but we need to know what we need to do to achieve this.

“We have a small picture but it’s important because it’s this season. It’s not two months. It’s six, seven, eight months because we have to achieve our results. We have to be the best we can. We have to work hard. I can win. “

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