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The red planet is a mystery to man and his obsession with it has created many legends and myths over the centuries.

Since the U.S. perseverance rover landed on Mars and drilled its first Martian rock core for NASA, interest in Mars is at an all-time high, and pioneers are dying to make their claim on Red Planet soil.

A meaningful approach for dreamers is to speculate about the value of Mars. You can do this by participating in it Mars 4 Non-fungible tokens (NFT) and land plots in Etherium are on sale.

What is Mars 4?

Mars 4 is a metaverse ecosystem where you can explore a geographically accurate virtual Mars, own and customize your land with the help of Mars 4 dollars and even get the prize of the world’s first revenue-generating NFT. The attractive tokenemics of Mars 4 facilitates NFT Mars Land, gamification and token redistribution.

Mars 4 is a unique metaverse. The development team of the Mars 4 project has created a detailed 3D map of the terrain of Mars based on the latest data from Mars and other space agencies. Think of it as the equivalent of the 2001 Google Earth 3D map of Mars.

How does Mars4 work?

Mars 4 Uses token yield farming and gamification elements to create an attractive decentralized money investment option. Additionally, Mars 4 helps space exploration enthusiasts explore the red planet through its virtual platform.

Inside its metavers are various adventures and fun activities that will keep his community busy as they generate passive income from his NFT. The Mars 4 project has three basic components.

  • Its interactive Mars terrain is divided into 3D world plots. Each Mars 4 NFT is a digital representation of these plots.
  • A utility and governance token system that supports user incentives, transactions, trading, gaming and NFT minting processes.
  • Mars4 Liquid Mining Features for NFT Holders.

Mars 4 Virtual World

Its 3D virtual world is the gamification aspect of Mars 4. Through this, you can explore Mars and buy land as NFT. The liquidity of this NFT project will yield through the mining feature. Mars 4 has 99,888 unique and rare real estate NFTs that symbolize the rovers landing site on Mars and its most popular geographical features.

Each land parcel measures 559 square miles. When buying, terrarize to increase the value of your land. You can purchase additional value-added avatars, certificates and logos from its in-game resource features.

Mars 4 Utility and Governance System

You can buy Mars 4 Land Parcels at public sale with Mars 4 tokens. There are 4 Billion MARS4 token used to mint 99,888 NFTs across the platform. More than 50% of NFTs have already been sold.

MARS4 tokens will play a key role in the metavers transaction process. Every time users make a transaction, the Mars 4 NFT holder will achieve a yield. The project protocol will reward NFT owners for keeping their units.

Before the introduction of Metaverse, eras were introduced to redistribute passive income to the zamindars of Mars. The deficit model was designed to provide NFT owners with a yield as soon as possible, as no transactions take place until the game is launched. After the TGE event, the MARS4 dollar will consolidate and extremely high transaction volume is expected.

Each era began after a new batch of 10,000 NFTs was sold. 51% of the income from land NFTs is redistributed to previous NFT owners, starting from era 1, since more than 50,000 NFTs have already been sold, Mars 4 entered the first era on 24 September 2021.

Moreover, the scarcity model means that as Mars NFT price increases as supply decreases, it creates a win-win situation for existing landowners, attracting new participants in the economy, increasing the capital value of their NFT land holdings and reaching the next stage early. .

NFT holder incentives will increase after each era and further later as Metaverse transactions increase. Mars4 NFTs therefore have an excellent long-term investment potential and are available on Mars Ecommerce site.

Mars 4 Miso explodes on launchpad

The MARS4 token was listed on SushiSwap’s MISO launchpad from 15 to 24 September. The lowest increase was collected in private and public auctions for MARS4 tokens The first 45 minutes!

In the batch auction format, participants contribute to the pool. A certain number of tokens are then distributed among all contributors to the market event, weighed according to their contribution to the pool.

Two auctions were held with a total of 40 million MARS4 tokens. The Mars 4 MISO exploded on the launchpad, raising 13 times more than the minimum increase.

MARS4 tokens are now listed on SushiSwap and are available for stacking through their ONSEN system. More information is available live on Mars 4 Telegram And Twitter Account


The demand for NFTs related to Mars will increase as more research reveals the efficiency of Mars. The Mars 4 NFTs are a rare combination of rare and beautiful, and passive income generation ownership proof NFT benefits.

Unlike other NFT projects, Mars 4 Revenue from its NFT yield producing protocol has been confirmed. So it’s not just an artistic and exploratory medium for content creators, individuals and businesses, it’s an excellent source of passive income.

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