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Vanguard has been providing ESG funding for over 20 years to help investors reach their goals with specific price choices. We are thrilled to announce that our first ESG US Corporate Bond ETF is coming in September to complement our ETFs and mutual fund ESG equity lineup.

Sustainable funds attracted record flows in the early hours of 2020

Despite market volatility in March of this year, estimated net flow in the United States was প্রথম 10.5 billion for the first quarter between open-end and sustainable exchange-traded funds, surpassing a record in the fourth quarter of 2019. *

A closer look at ESG investments

ESG Investments provides a way for you to invest in funds that exclude companies that do not meet certain criteria, such as low soil carbon emissions commitment, community impact, or board diversity. Some ESG funds, such as Vanguard Global ESG Select Stock Fund, follow an integrated approach and include companies moving towards ESG practice.

As the practice of ESG-mindset gains momentum, some investors believe that it gives them a chance to avoid companies whose practices could signal risk. For example, does a company have problems with toxic emissions or work conditions management that could perform poorly on a portfolio?

Vanguard currently has 4 U.S. residential ESG stock funds with different investment styles and objectives. We believe that expanding our ESG offer with the addition of our first Bond ETF will further improve our low cost approach and satisfy the preferences of developing investors.

The new corporate bond ETF will expand our ESG offer

Investors in our new fund will benefit from our leading fixed income indexing capabilities, low cost ratios and diversified access to a robust screening process. Funding will be:

  • Try to track Bloomberg Barclays MSCI US Corporate SRI Select Index, capture the broad cross-section of the US corporate bond market when excluding bonds from companies whose activities do not meet certain ESG criteria.
  • According to Lipper of the Thomson Reuters Company, there is an estimated expense ratio of 0.12%, which is significantly lower than the average expense ratio of 0.72% ethically themed income funds as of March 31, 2020.
  • As advised by Vanguard Fixed Income Group, one of the world’s largest fixed income managers with সম্প 1.921 trillion in global assets managed as of June 30, 2020.
  • Vanguard Fixed Income Group Fixed Income Group Indexing is headed by Joshua C. Barrickman, CFA, Head and Vice President of America. Josh has been with Vanguard for 22 years.

Find out more in the coming months about this exciting new offer.

* Source: Morningstar, Inc., 2020.


A registration statement regarding Vanguard ESG US Corporate Bond ETF shares has been filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) but has not yet taken effect. The SEC has not approved or denied this security or passed on the adequacy of this prospectus. Conversely no representation is considered a criminal offense. This security cannot be sold or a purchase offer accepted before the registration statement takes effect. This communication will not constitute a sale offer or call for purchase offer, and no sale of this security will take place in a state where such an offer, application or sale will be illegal before registering or qualifying under the securities.

For more information about vanguard funds or vanguard ETFs, visit to get a prospectus or, if available, a summary prospectus. The prospectus contains investment objectives, risks, charges, expenses and other important information about a fund; Read and consider carefully before investing. Copies of the final prospectus will be available from Vanguard. Please note that an initial prospectus is subject to change.

Vanguard ETF shares are not redeemable without a very large consolidation of millions of dollars worth of issuing funds. Instead, investors must buy and sell Vanguard ETF shares in the secondary market and keep those shares in a brokerage account. In doing so, the investor can take brokerage commissions and pay more than the net asset value at the time of purchase and accept less than the net asset value at the time of sale.

ESG funds are subject to ESG investment risk, which means that stocks or bonds displayed by the index sponsor for the ESG criteria will generally have less impact on the market or selected special stocks or bonds, in total, other funds verified for the ESG criteria.

All investments are at risk, including the potential loss of money you invest. Diversity does not guarantee gain or protect from loss. Investing in bonds is subject to interest rates, credit and risk of inflation.

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