Explanation of the end of ‘Squid Game’ – Who won ‘Squid Game’ on Netflix?

Lots of spoilers up front!

When writer and director Huang Dong-hyuk set out to create a dark and bizarre thriller Squid game, He did not look too far from reality for inspiration. “I wanted to write a story that was a metaphor for modern capitalist society, something that portrayed extreme competition, somewhat like the extreme competition of life.” Diversity. The result was the foundation of his current top Netflix series: a curved underground program where people (and volunteers) with incredible debt were hired (or volunteered) to play simple games on a life-and-death team for a ridiculous money opportunity.

As players make their way through the competition, the game provides a curved, restless view of human nature – how far they can go for money when people are desperate, whether such chaos can generate goodness and empathy, and life, even when It’s boiled down to school yard games, it’s really fair.

Whether you’re doing final processing or just for spoilers here, we’ve broken it down. Squid game Here.

Who will win the game?

At the end of the sixth game, the protagonist Seong Gi-hun (Lee Jong-Je) became the winner. He squats up in a bloody round of squid games with childhood friend-turned-nemesis Cho Sang-woo (Park Hei-soo) and loses to an opponent. But, a few steps before winning, Ji-hun asks to vote to stop the game, thinking that Sang-wu will be by his side and will form the necessary majority to finish the whole tournament. But Sang-u stabs himself in the throat and dies, allowing Gi-hun to win.

What does the winner do with the money?

For a while, nothing. It took Jit-Hun a year to return home with his victory in the final, but since then he has done nothing with the money. Even his bank invited him to a special meeting that his money was sitting there, basically untouchable.

Later, he picks up Kong Sae-byok’s (Jong Ho-Yoon) younger brother from the orphanage, and leaves the young man in the care of Sang-U’s mother, with a suitcase packed with cash. In addition, he kept a note that read, “This is Sang-u’s money to me.” This gesture fulfills Sang-u’s death wish that Ji-hun take care of his mother, and Sae-byok, his friend, and the third-place finisher are also killed by Sang-u before the final game.

Who started the game?

It was our old friend, oh il-nam (oh yang-so). In the final, Gi-hun mysteriously receives a card from the game a year after his victory, which takes him to Il-nam, still alive but basically on his deathbed. He didn’t die after losing the Marble game (we didn’t actually see him kill on screen). In fact, he is the host and co-creator of the whole scheme.

Il-nam reveals to Ji-hun that he is a rich man who has become rich by lending money to people. He and his co-creators, frustrated with their resources, decided to create the game “to finally have some fun.” But watching the game was not enough for the il-name. He wanted To feel Some time ago Died – his illness and brain tumor were real – so he started participating as a player. After his confession to Ji-hun, Il-nam died in bed.

What happens in the last scene?

In the final scene, Gi-hun is at the airport and sees that someone is being hired for the game and interrupts him, requests him not to go and takes a calling card from him. Before boarding his flight to visit his family in Los Angeles, G-Hoon calls the card number and tells the phone operator that he wants to know why the whole operation exists. The Front Man (Lee Byung-hun), who oversees the game’s run, hops on the line, urging Ji-hun to get on the plane and remember his business. Gi-hun hangs up and leaves instead of boarding the plane. The last scene.

Looks like G-Hoon is ready to close the game. But now the question is, how will he try to do it? Is he just looking for the answer or will he go back to play and get down from the inside? Unfortunately fans may not be able to find his next steps – or at least not now. Huang Dong-hyuk “[doesn’t] There are good plans for ‘Squid Game 2’, ”he said Diversity. “It simply came to our notice then. But if I had done it, I would not have done it alone, ”he added. “I’m thinking of using a writer’s house and want more than one experienced director.”

So, for now, Ji-Hun’s next move will depend on our imagination.

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