‘Evolved Apps’ NFT Creator Alleged Fugitive With 2.7 Million

Investors in Evolved Apps are battling the disappearance of an anonymous developer in the recently launched “pfp” – short for profile picture – nonfangible token (NFT) project.

Through a manicure called “Evil App”, the developer is alleged to have disappeared from the project’s treasury with 798 ethers (ETHs) worth more than 2.7 million.

The allegedly stolen funds cover both proceeds from the initial excavation process and transactions in the second sale of NFTs in the ETH opensia market.

In fact, Evolded Apps was one of the recent hype NFT mints where 10,000-strong collections sold out in 10 minutes and floor prices continue to rise after a quick sell-off.

However, the storefront of the project at Opensia shows the tank floor value of 0.005 ETH, which is significantly lower than the original excavation cost. There is no doubt that the fall in floor price is rocking the project with the current angry tension scandal.

In addition to snatching all the money from the project, Evil has also removed the Twitter accounts and websites of the evolved apps.

Before fleeing with ২ 2.7 million, the makers of the Evil app and project promised to ship a blockchain fighting game, a common promise among several avatar-style NFT developers.

Some members of the community have come together to continue the development of the project under the umbrella of “Fight Back Apps”.

The entities behind the new group say they want to create a more community-centric operating model for the project, including a multisig wallet, to prevent a recurrence of another Evil app’s defeat.

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Evil App still receives a 4% royalty on secondary sales, the current plan is to create a new project that will broadcast the new NFT to existing holders.

NFTs have controversially impacted crypto space in 2021, and huge platforms like OpenCA are recording huge trading volumes.

Given the popularity of the NFT, it’s probably not surprising that so-called rogue actors like the Evil Ape try to show undoubted victims.