Evidence of treason increased as Trump campaigned against Pence

Trump plotted a pressure campaign from inside the White House against his own vice president to force him to cancel the election.

Trump planned his coup inside the White House

The New York Times reports:

Nevertheless, in early January 2021, in his massive effort to reverse the election results, Mr. Mr. Trump Eastman’s advice was so fascinating that the two met at the Oval Office meeting. Pence was pressured to intervene for help. Mr. Trump is in power by delaying the Jan Jan certificate of victory for Joseph and Biden Jr.

In a two-page memo written by Mr. Eastman that was circulated at the White House in the days before the certificate, published by Washington Post reporters Bob Woodward and Robert Coster in a new book, Peril, Mr. Eastman said Mr. Pence was “the final arbiter” of Pence’s election as vice president. “He basically said that he has the power to determine who wins and” we should do it with that in mind. “

The judiciary must investigate Trump

Trump and Eastman plotted the coup from inside the White House and even put it in writing. How much more evidence does the judiciary need before investigating Trump’s plot to overthrow the government?

The 1/6 committee will make criminal referrals if it finds evidence of criminal activity. Is the DOJ waiting for the committee to refer Trump to trial for the perpetrators?

Trump’s crime has come to light. Now is the time to hold Trump and his co-conspirators accountable.

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