Every detail from New Britney Murphy Dock has fascinated us

Before meeting Simon Manzak, a writer and director in 2006, Brittany Murphy endured multiple “situations that broke her heart.” Ignorance Director Amy Hackerling With public breakup with him Newly married Co-star Aston Kutcher And two broken engagements. Hackerling speculated, “He must be looking for something.”

And as soon as Murphy met Monjack, their relationship became very serious and they became inseparable.

“She wanted to marry him and I said, ‘Honey, it hasn’t been long,'” recalled Kathy Nazimi, a friend. And scared, like who is this guy and what was going on? “

After the couple got married in a peaceful ceremony in 2007, they became close, according to her relatives, rarely leaving their home, where Murphy’s mother Sharon also lived.

“His number was changed one day, no one knew where to find him,” said Murphy’s longtime friend. Lisa Riffel Said. “Disappeared. Simon took him. That was it. He made sure no one could go near him.”

According to Nazimi, Manzak “was making all his decisions, he was definitely getting his money. He was taking her to work, but waiting. It has become more and more limited.”

Sarah Hamel, A journalist who has worked People The magazine at the time provided details of what he had learned about the last months of Murphy’s life.

“Simon and Brittany were originally stuck in that house. They had a really weird photoshoot at midnight where he would dress her up like a doll,” Hamel said. “She became increasingly insecure about her appearance, increasingly people were going out to get her. Simon’s landline connection was disconnected, so the only way to reach Sharon or Brittany was Simon. And then suck coffee and come back upstairs. They rarely leave the house. Goes. “

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