Ever Trump trying to be relevant to the new race for office Evan McMullen

In 2016, Evan McMullen ran as an independent to try to stop Trump’s election.

In a huge embarrassment, McMullen received no electoral college votes and received only 732,273 votes overall.

Now, he’s back and trying to be relevant again.

He has announced that he is challenging GOP Senator Mke Lee (R-UT) for one of the Utah Senate seats.

Running: The federal government has dropped all false charges against Brandon Strucker, the founder of #Walkway has been found guilty of misconduct in a government attempt to break his spirit.

From Deseret News:

Welcome again, “Never Trumpers.”

The anti-Trump Conservatives have never really left, but they are now moving on to a new strategy. Independent 2016 presidential candidate Evan McMullen announced a campaign this week to challenge Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah in the 2022 Senate race, and he said other like-minded conservatives across the country could soon follow suit. McMullen has been politically active since Utah won 20% of the presidential vote in 2016 তিনি he founded a pro-democracy nonprofit, led a party of 150 disgruntled Republicans who threatened to leave the party, and is now fighting for a seat in the U.S. Senate.

Even some of those who support him know that he has no real weight in Washington.

But skeptics were quick to point out that McMullen’s honest-to-goodness efforts apparently had no real weight in Washington, D.C., when McMullin and his 100-member co-author published a letter calling for “American renewal,” essentially a reform of the GOP. Critics noted that the signatories did not include any current national office holders. This was the biggest critic of the political scientist Cass Mudd; Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin, while expressing general support for McMullen’s efforts, provided a list of questions, the first of which was, “Will any of the current elected leaders, except state leaders, sign these policies?”

Trumpers never stop embarrassing themselves!

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