Equity brand delivers, even in difficult times, by Tipperary

Reuters distributes equity brands, even in difficult times

You fell in love with a company like Acuity Brands (NYSE :).

Despite the growing challenges in the field, lighting and building system makers have provided a win. The story of the victorious underdog has been with us since the biblical age and it is very pleasing to see it again.

Equity recently had its own David and Goliath story that ended similarly when it published its earnings report. This is why I am optimistic on sharpness. (See Acuity stock chart at TipRanks)

The company earned 3. 3.27 per share. The Wall Street Sens Quantum was looking for an estimate of $ 2.85, while a Jacques Sens Quantum was looking for 2.89.

The company also lost revenue estimates. Equity had net sales of 2 992.7 million in the fourth quarter of 2021. This is an increase of 11.4% over the same period last year.

The company’s full-year statistics also provide a solid report. Equity posted $ 427.6 million in operating profit for the full year, up 20.8% from last year’s figures.

Tech on Wall Street

Wall Street Sense Quantitative Analysis Acuity Call To Buy A Medium. Given the 12-month price target in equity over the past three months between the two analysts, both see the company as a buy.

The average Aquity price target comes in at $ 212.50, which represents a side-up probability of 8.3%.

Declining construction?

We know that 2020 was a great year for all kinds of construction. The people in the house at the time of the renovation encouraged huge construction efforts. Throw in a volatile geopolitical situation – complete with regular riots in the summer of 2020 – and people start leaving the city and moving to more rural areas.

It catches fire under many organizations that work in home supply or construction. To this day, there is still a housing boom. Just five days ago, a home in Boston went on the market for 399,000. The house caught fire recently.

Earlier this summer, a home in Colorado Springs went on the market for 590,000. The house was vandalized. One agent noted that the smell inside the house – a combination of dead animals and rotten food – was bad enough that people inside could “feel” it. It sold for 80 580,000 a week later in the market.

A boom by any value. So it is not surprising to see a large number of equities being supplied at that time. Yet, we are also well aware of the struggles we have undergone.

The price of everything is rising. A real armada of cargo ships is currently off the coast of Los Angeles. Businesses are screaming for employees where some Wendy (NASDAQ 🙂 locations are offering free college for new recruits.

Closing scene

Turning a company into a large number at a good time is not particularly worthy of attention. It’s like seeing a company turn up in large numbers in a rough environment.

Yes, equity brands have probably benefited from the construction boom that is still going on. At the same time, rising input costs limit the ability to respond to this growing condition. There is a gold rush, but everyone has a broken shovel.

That’s why I’m optimistic about the equity brand, at least for now. When the construction boom fades, many of the benefits of equity will probably go with it.

For now, though, it is in a great position to supply all these new construction materials and that should be a good news. As well as being tough, the ability to deliver it has also been proven. This is driving it forward, even the pace of construction inevitably slows down.

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