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XDC Network, an enterprise-grade hybrid blockchain that specializes in global trade and finance, today released a collection of Multiplatform Software Development Kits (SDKs), covering iOS, Android, .NET, Java and Go. SDKs will allow application developers to easily incorporate XRC-based tokens and smart contracts into their domain-specific applications without proficiency in blockchain technology.

Last month, XDC began integrating real-world finance into the DFI market through the network tokenization platform used by Tradetech. The XRC-20 is the de-facto standard for recording payment obligations for organizations, including buyers, suppliers, governments and banks, in hybrid blockchain when using trade finance on the XDC network.

“On established platforms like iOS and Android, app developers are able to add any XRC token type to their new or existing applications, opening up decentralized money to brand new marketplaces,” said Quincy Jones, developer at the XDC Foundation.

“The XDC network accelerates SDK access integration processes, allowing developers to focus their development efforts on the application itself. Most importantly, these developers will be able to leverage zero gas fees and two seconds of transaction time around the XDC network without the need to specialize in blockchain engineering, ”Jones added.

Now, iOS, Android, .NET, Java, and Go developers have access to downloadable software packages that contain the tools needed to build XDC networks. The documentation and examples included in the SDK allow integration between platform-specific applications and XDC networks.

SDKs on XDC networks will enable developers to use XDC networks to bring advanced blockchain functionality such as smart contracts, decentralized money (DeFi), and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to centralized applications. This technology suite provides for developers seeking to use blockchain technology or developers seeking to migrate from other EVM compatible networks to the XDC ecosystem.

Tra themed centralized application development infrastructure is easy to maintain and leverage for development. XDC’s innovative approach to SDK enables developers to simplify the development of centralized applications with the power and efficiency of DFI and to balance the larger user market.

Compared to popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Etherium, the XDC network has considerable throughput and speed. XDC networks can complete a transaction of 2,000 seconds per second with a block time of 2 seconds. With zero gas fees around $ 0.0001, transactions made using XDC tokens are affordable and cost-effective, reducing all major usability and efficiency flaws faced by application developers when using other blockchain platforms.

With the opportunity to record payment obligations for employer-to-employee transactions within the XDC network, new markets can facilitate the development of NFTs, facilitate smart contract transactions (loans, mortgage production, etc.) that use the SDK in the XDC network.

For more information, please see the XDC Foundation GitHub page.

The XDC network created by XinFin is a global, open-source, representative representation of the Stack Consensus Network (XDPoS), enabling inter-operability with hybrid relay bridges, instant block finality and ISO 20022 financial messaging standards.

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