Energy DFI Protocol, ION announces dual-platform IDO as it prepares for major launch

The IDO season is not over yet. The last few months have seen busy days as the crypto community has been burdened to fill out white-listed forms and participate in community initiatives for upcoming IDO projects. The current situation is the same. This new DFI power project, ION, is fully invested in creating a big splash as it prepares for its upcoming IDO. IOEN is coming up with an innovative approach to encourage the creation of a ‘virtual microgrid’ worldwide that will encourage efficient distribution of energy. ION will launch on two platforms in October as part of its IDO launch.

Double launch for IOEN in October

The first of these launches is a Trustswap IDO starting October 8th. Trustswap is a decentralized protocol aimed at enabling users to make ‘customizable transactions’ in the field of DFI and cryptocurrency as a whole.

Although it is initially ready to accept the smart deal, it has a local launchpad that has launched 27 projects so far, according to its website. Although most of the listed projects are in no way named after the crypto family, they still seem to have seen comparatively better growth on the launchpad with a project called ‘Chain Games’, an increase of 10,200% to an all-time high of 1.03 per currency. Although it later fell to a low of $ 0.1478, it is still about fourteen times higher than its initial $ 0.01 price.

In addition to the launch on TrustSwap, TrustPad will have a separate launch, a separate platform and a dedicated launchpad for DFI projects. TrustPad has completed 228 launches so far and three are on the way next week, a commendable number for a relatively new project. The IOEN Initial DEX offer will be the next day The list has not yet been announced.

The project will conduct its whitelisted processes and comply with anti-money laundering measures as an obligation for token holders to participate.

Bringing energy-utility ideas into the blockchain space

IOEN stands for Internet of Energy Network and a non-profit platform for advancing efficient distribution of renewable energy using smart contract technology in Holochain. It was created by the makers of RedGrid, a clean energy technology company that aims to save energy by automatically saving energy to household devices when best suited for the power grid, rewarding users with IOEN tokens to help stabilize the grid.

So far IOEN has seen the investment of several notable VCs, including SL2 Capital, Skyman Ventures, AU21 Capital, Holochain, Maven Capital and notable others. IOEN has more than 16,000 followers on Twitter and is growing. The project is currently accelerating its community initiatives and has published study materials, including the Internet of Energy Network Currency Paper in the Public Domain for members to review and find out.

The project carries out a community-centric mission that reshapes the current modern financial landscape in an energy-friendly way, strengthens aspects of sustainability and preserves it for the future.

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