Emmy Awards 2021: Things to know before the ceremony

By Steven McIntosh
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Photo captionCedric The Entertainer will host the show, which will air on CBS in the United States.

The small screen stars are preparing for the Emmy Awards, which will later be held in Los Angeles.

The show comes after an extended year of watching TV in the wake of worldwide lockdown restrictions.

The Crown and The Mandalarian are leading the way in this year’s nominations, while Ted Lasso and The Queens Gambit are also expected to perform well.

Cedric The Entertainer will host the show, which will see many nominated stars appear in person.

There are seven things you need to know before the ceremony.

1. It’s time for some new blood

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Photo captionBrendon Hunt, Jason Sudekis and Nick Mohammed appear on Apple TV’s Ted Lasso

Three big winners at last year’s Emmys are missing this year.

This is because the legacy was closed for a year during the epidemic, Shits Creek ended after its sixth season, and Watchman had no plans to continue after the first series.

It has left plenty of new TV shows to make their place. In fact, four of this year’s Best Comedy nominees have been recognized for their first season – Ted Lasso, The Flight Attendant, Hacks and Emily in Paris.

Ted Lasso in particular has made history for a red-hot favorite, the highest nomination for a new comedy. You can measure the love for this show that many of its actors have also been nominated individually.

In a comedy (Brett Goldstein, Brendon Hunt, Nick Mohammed and Jeremy Swift), the show’s four nominees for Best Supporting Actor equals Ted Lasso’s Modern Family record.

2. Michael K. Williams could win a posthumous Emmy

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Photo captionMichael K. Williams was seen here at a premiere in August

Williams, who had previously been nominated for an Emmy but never won, was nominated for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama for his role as Montrose Freeman in Lovecraft Country on Sunday.

Posthumous victories in Hollywood are not as common as you might think. Just five months ago Sir Anthony Hopkins won the Best Actor Oscar, a trophy that was widely expected by the late Chadwick Bosman.

If Williams can win, he will be only the seventh posthumous winner in Emgiser-year history, followed by Ingrid Bergman, Audrey Hepburn, Raul Julia, Diana Highland, Marion Lauren and Alice Pierce.

3. Courteney Cox could finally get an Emmy … sort of

Photo source, HBO max
Photo captionCox had previously said he was hurt by not being nominated for a role in Friends

During the Friends ’10-year run, Cox was the only member of the six main stars who didn’t get an Emmy nomination for his performance.

Which is confusing. As Ross’s sister, Chandler’s wife and Rachel’s best friend, Monica, was at the center of the show.

Earlier this year, he said, “When every cast member besides me was nominated, it certainly hurt my feelings.” “I was happy for everyone, and then when it finally happened, ‘Oh, I’m the only one?’ It hurts. “

This year’s Emmys has changed that – although it’s only on a technical. Cox has a nomination because he is listed as one of the executive producers of Friends: The Reunion.

“Honestly, I’m very happy that the reunion has been recognized because I think it’s great,” he told Entertainment Weekly. “[Director] Ben Winston has done a great job and all his crew. “

Publicly, though, he added: “It’s not exactly what Amy was looking for. I’m being honest with you.”

The tea leaves don’t look very good. Three of the four awards: Friends: Reunion was nominated was handed over to Creative Arts Emmys last weekend and it lost all three. But it could still win the outstanding pre-recorded variety on Sunday.

Friends is not the only TV reunion nominated in this category. Last year’s single West Wing Special, which encouraged people to vote in the 2020 US election, has also been recognized.

4. There is (more) controversy about Emily in Paris

Photo source, Stephanie Branch / Netflix
Photo captionA second series by Emily in Paris is currently in production

We are really starting to feel sorry for Emily in Paris. The highly successful but critically acclaimed TV series was already put through the ringer when it was nominated for a Golden Globe in February.

There was a social media reaction at the time, and even one of its authors said he didn’t understand how it got nominated when I couldn’t destroy you (although they weren’t actually qualified in the same category).

Yet while Emily in Paris may be a bit cluttered and full of clichs, some commenters have noted that it has arranged some fun escapes for us during a difficult time.

“It’s not a good show at all,” said Kristen Baldwin of The Awardee. “It’s entertaining, but it’s not good. So it’s really shocking to see it against a comedy like Hacks or Pen 15, which is incredibly original and entertaining.

“But what I will say is that I think Emily in Paris has fulfilled a purpose for us as a man at a certain, weak time. [In] For months of the October 2020 epidemic, we all desperately needed its stupidity, and it entertained us at the time. “

5. Hamilton is the strangest nominated candidate of the year

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Photo captionLynn-Manuel played the title role in Miranda Hamilton’s first production

This is not because we think Lynn-Manuel Miranda’s music is not worthy of recognition, but because of the gaps that allowed it to be nominated.

Let’s first clarify what it is. This is a recording of a Broadway stage play that was filmed in 2016, when Miranda, Leslie Odom Jr. and Anthony Ramos were still on stage.

It was originally intended to be released in cinemas for people who could not watch live stage shows due to geographical or financial reasons.

After the epidemic hit, it became the exclusive release for streaming platform Disney +. And despite the age of the recording, not making its debut on a streaming service until July 2020 means it technically falls into this year’s Emmy Qualification window.

Is it a film? Or is it a TV series? No. Was it shooting last year? No. But it can take some rewards at home.

6. Network, do not cancel your show before voting closes

Photo source, HBO / Warner Bros.
Photo captionLovecraft Country has received an impressive 18 nominations but has since been rejected

Both Joe’s awesome playlist and Lovecraft Country have been canceled in recent months, but the duration of the two announcements drew a different response from Amid.

HBO wisely waited until the nomination voting was announced off that Lovecraft Country was being canceled, and the series was rewarded with 18 nominations.

On the other hand, the extraordinary playlist of the win was canceled while the vote was still going on and only five were approved.

This may not be the only reason for their mixed fortunes. But justifying the cancellation of a show during the vote sends a message to the academy that if the network can no longer be bothered with it, then why them?

That being said, Amy isn’t always affected by news of cancellations or cast departures.

The previously announced reggae-gene page from Bridgegarten did not hurt her Amy chances as she was nominated for lead actor in a play. If he can hold Josh O’Connor of The Crown, he’ll have a good chance of taking the prize home.

7. HBO has the most nominations this year … but only

Photo source, Netflix
Photo captionThe Crown could win Best Drama as well as Best Actor for stars like Jillian Anderson.

HBO’s 130 nodes are just one ahead of Netflix’s 129.

But the Netflix edge may be better for the top class of the night. Surprisingly, the most popular streaming service in the world never won the best drama series.

Even The Crown never took the trophy home. Yet if there is ever a year where this is going to change, it will probably be.

Its fourth series was the most explosive and eventful, thanks to the introduction of Margaret Thatcher and Princess Diana. It could help The Crown win Best Drama, as well as award acting awards to their co-stars, Gillian Anderson and Emma Corinne.

In fact, it could win acting categories if it recognized Josh O’Connor and Tobias Menzies for acclaimed performances by Prince Charles and the late Duke of Edinburgh, respectively.

The Emmy Awards are held on Sunday at 20:00 ET (01:00 BST) in Los Angeles.

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