Emma Mackie ‘Sex Education’ Season 3, Social Media and 4 ason Tute Mayev’s story

Emma Mackey admits, “I just couldn’t do a job.” Perhaps this কারণ the cause of her own instability-is that this kind of publicity interview is a challenge for the 25-year-old actress. No doubt she likes to talk about Mayve, her out-of-the-box, sweet inner role in Netflix’s teen drama. Sex education, But he continues to dispel fears that he will forever be identified as Mayev. It’s the job that made him the star he’s wanted for today, but it’s also the job he wants, one day sad and outgrowth. This movement is not exactly a feature of Mackie’s personality; Before landing Sex Ed, He was similarly thin-spread at the University of Leeds, where he studied English language and literature. And French. And Law

“The acting work in this case is great because you can play the role of a doctor for three months and then you can play the role of a writer for the next three months,” he says. “It’s a beautiful thing for someone with a brain like mine.”

This year, the actress is preparing for two bizarre roles Death of the Nile River And the Bronto film Emily, But today, we’re still talking about Maeve. All in all, in the end, Maeve, Mackie’s first recurring role and one of the most interesting personalities in the new season Sex education, Which debuted on Friday. Sharp but sympathetic, bright but overlooked, Mayve is interested in a kind of role for actresses: she is interested in a love whose most captivating scene takes place outside the orbit of her romance. An intelligent and deeply loyal friend, Mayve Murdale nurtured a revolutionary view of sex in the ancient environment of the secondary. It’s his idea নয় not his look like Margot Robbie যা that unites him with Otis, the strange hero of Butterfield who first came.

Ironically, it is his performance as Mayev that proves that Mackie’s acting chops eventually left Mayev behind. 3 to 3, in particular, fertile ground for the development of both Mayweather and Mackie, is a fun emergence that is as important to watch as it is fun to watch. Below, Mackie discusses why she almost never took a job that changed her life – and how she hopes Maywev will improve in season and beyond.

When you first signed in Sex education, Did you have any inclination that it is going to be a huge success now?

I had no clue. I wasn’t sure if I was going to do it. I never would [a TV series] Previously, it was a very important issue to take. Luckily, it was really nicely managed and edited and cast really well. This sets the bar very high. Other jobs now, I’m kind of, “why not like this Sex Ed? ”

If you are not sure at first, what role have you decided to take?

It was a partial gift; I couldn’t really deny it. I think any doubt I had was about my nerves, my own kind of wisdom that I could have had at the time, was new and didn’t know what was right for me.

Even then, I didn’t read all the scripts. I only read a few [episodes], But I found him very safe [as I read]. At one point, I was like, “Maybe I want to play him, because I think he’s pretty special.”

Many shows try to say something important about sex, but Sex education Most series are groundbreaking in the way they can dream. If you can identify it, do you think the show has special magic?

Since this is a kind of elevated, stylized world, I think writers are able to create and explore things that would not be possible otherwise. Because we are in this very specific bubble, the characters are allowed to come to place in life.

[The show] Also trying to fit in a lot of things that you are forced to recognize yourself at some point. Even at a practical, educational level, I think [the show] Reassuring a lot of people, bringing them to terms with things they didn’t really let themselves come to terms with. It actually makes people take a step back and think, “What? O God. It happened to me. “Or,” Oh, I was like that. For this. ” It helps people actually connect the dots, which is pretty deadly.

Mackie with its cast Sex education In 2020.

David M. BennettGetty Images

In Season 2, we open up in a particularly challenging place with Mayve. His mother refuses to talk to him. He didn’t listen to Otis ’voicemail last season, so they’re in an uncomfortable place. Maybe he has a love for Isaac. Which was the most interesting dynamic for your exploration?

I think what was really interesting to play was – because I love it [Anne-Marie Duff, who plays Erin Wiley]- With all things [Maeve’s] Mom is really important to me. It adds real depth and authenticity to Maeve. Everyone lives a household life and provides them with nutrition to work out who they are and why they behave the way they do in school, even how they might be with their sexuality. Is it because of their parents? It’s really so many connecting points that it’s kind of like being upset. [Laughs.] I sound like Hugh Grant.

There is a particularly intimate scene between Mayev and Isaac this season. I am curious how you and George Robinson worked together to translate that comfort, that comfort.

It’s not actually a coercive thing, and it’s the magic of casting. That’s why we read chemistry, and that’s why [casting director Lauren Evans] He is a genius, because he brought us all together. So everything has been done for us.

The intimacy scene was far behind. Getting the right messages is always important I wanted to be friends [George] And made sure she felt safe and listened to. He was so kind and so generous and so patient with me. Yes, he is just a beautiful, beautiful boy and a beautiful friend.

But again, we are lucky, because [all the cast members] Usually turn it on a little crazy. It’s incredible to have a team of people in their twenties who go so well and who see each other out of work and who cultivate and nurture this friendship outside of work. I think it’s very important. The main way is that I like this job.

As you and Asa Butterfield, Mayweather and Otis, there are really interesting pressures this season. The two characters have danced around each other in almost three whole asons, and then finally we had this important kiss, and they finally got together! Mayev will then have to go to the states. Why do you think these two characters are losing each other? Do you think they have a future?

What peace. I’ve always seen it – it’s a time consuming thing. Which is often the case, isn’t it? I think they’re both pretty good at communicating their feelings, Otis is probably more than Maive. But really, they need to grow up and find shit for themselves.

Also, their whole world does not revolve around each other. They both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities. They are not satellites around each other. I think it’s important to show that they have a rich life individually. If the timing is right it will happen and I think we have achieved it this season.

Episode 5 of Sex Education Season 3 stars Emma Mackie, Maive Wiley, Asa Butterfield and Otis Milburn.

In the season of Mackie and Butterfield 3 Sex education.

Sam Taylor / Netflix

Would you say your favorite part of season 2 is 3, even if it doesn’t include Mayev?

I’m thrilled to see the relationship between Cal (Dua Saleh) and Jackson (Kedar Williams-Sterling) evolving-I really like their dynamics. Also, I feel it [all the cast members] Has become more grounded. Everyone is at a level where we’ve got a solid foundation, and now we can play with it and make it more natural.

You mentioned more than once in interviews that you have a general discomfort about the idea of ​​celebrity. Did you feel more comfortable following her? Or can it still be thought of as a public figure?

I don’t really care. I don’t care so much about it, and I don’t want it to suck my every ounce of energy. I think that’s why I’ve talked so much about Instagram and social media and all that, because I think it’s not about who I am. I really can’t see why [the world should follow] Someone like me, who just wants a simple life – which is ridiculous because I don’t really think I’ve chosen the right job for it. [Laughs]

I’m sure [the attention] It may bring some benefits to some people, but I don’t think it works for me. It brings a lot of anxiety and discomfort to me. I’m very lucky to do my job, and I know that doing things like this is now a part of the job, but it doesn’t have to be. I want to be able to make a choice on that.

You were also vocal about the desire to explore a life outside of acting. Is it now and that incident? Do you see yourself as a writer, or someone behind the camera?

Yes, and I think these changes will happen naturally. I’m very happy with my job, and I love it when I’m at my job. I feel very much like when I’m on set, I’m in my element and it gives me a lot of pleasure. So I’m not going to stop acting right now. It’s just, just do one thing – I can’t do that. It is not possible for me. I like the idea of ​​being the jack of all trades. And why not? Why not directly?

aimee lou wood as aimee gibbsin, emma mackey as maeve wiley as episode 2 of sex education season 3

Mackie with actress Amy Lou Wood Sex education season tu 3.

Sam Taylor / Netflix

3 to 3 ends with studying abroad in the United States with Mayev, I am curious that you want to get out of this experience of Mayev. If season is 4, how do you change it?

I’m excited to make some new friends for her, to open up a little more and be exposed to a different kind of world, with a different culture. Because he only lived in his little bubbles. How did he get out of this bubble?

It would be really nice to see her survive a dream for herself. What does it do to a person and how does it change you? What kind of happiness does it give you? And all the worries that come with being away from home. If we can get it, it will be a beautiful thing to witness.

After all, what has this show and this experience taught you about sex in our larger culture? Do you think your outlook has changed since you started working? Sex Ed?

I mean, of course. I kind of think that point, right? If anything, I think it’s the main takeaway [the show’s] Not instructive, and hopefully people won’t see it, “Oh, this way [sex] It has to be. ”It’s more like, it’s a story we’re telling, and these are the characters we have to offer you. Do whatever you want with them, but go ahead and discuss all of these things. Even if you’re not ready. [to have sex] Still, just know that we made this little bubble for you to sink in and feel safe and reassured.

This interview was edited and condensed for clarity.

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