EliteDogeClub Launches 100,000 Exclusive NFT Biggest Drop Ever

EliteDogeClub is announcing the largest non-fungible token (NFT) drop with 100,000 animated Doge NFTs. A collection for people.

This professionally animated NFT will be only 0.01 Ethereum (ETH), which is one of the best deals in NFT space. EliteDogeClub aims to make NFT more inclusive by welcoming buyers from all budgets. Their primary goal is clear: to become the gateway for new NFT buyers.

EliteDogeClub NFT will launch on October 17, 2021, at 9 p.m. This launch is 10 to 20 times the size of most NFT launches, nine times cheaper than most launches and provides animated images, while most launches nowadays have still images.

Here is some additional information about the NFT, their future plans and their team.

More about EliteDogeClub NFTs

Each NFT will portray different dogs with wild and extraordinary features that are truly inspiring. These NFTs will bring Doug to life in a unique way with their varied designs that incorporate dark and light hearted dark humor.

The first 100,000-generation NFT batch was designed by Julien Dragon, an animator who has worked on hit TV shows such as Game of Thrones and Stranger Things. Those interested in digging up some of these dog NFTs will be able to ask Julian a live question at an AMA – details will be announced and posted on our site:

For those who are digging into these NFTs, take a look at the rare features that inspire Doug’s close relatives.

The ElitleDogeClub team is focusing on making their NFTs the most inclusive and accessible industry in the NFT space. Following this 100,000 drop, they plan to create more inspired dog-related NFTs in the future by hiring more artists of Julian’s caliber. Other NFTs in the pipeline include Baby Dogs, Metavers Accessories, Mini Dog Art Collection, Canvas Art and more.

Future plans

Following the release of the 100,000 ElitleDogeClub Mint that you can mint on October 1, the company plans to keep a treasury for community effects events.

First, the Elite Dog Club plans to launch the first annual NFT Influencer and Artist Awards that recognizes and celebrates exceptional individuals in the NFT space who have made a significant impact. Those who have been selected will be presented with a customized prize NFT.

Also, depending on the adoption rate, the Elite Dog Club will launch and host a global NFT conference by 20223. This conference will bring together enthusiasts, artists and investors in network and trade knowledge.

Although EliteDogeClub is not currently officially affiliated with Elon Musk, they hope to be the largest dog community in the world and will one day help Musk with his ambitions with Dogcoin.

Finally, their wildest ambition is a Dog Music Festival.

Their plans for fully-incorporated dog-themed global events and concerts will bridge the physical and digital gap in the NTF space.

Why now is a great time for a drop

The broader cryptocurrency market has been swinging up and down violently over the past few weeks, with the value of NFTs rising. The value of NFTs is largely derived from their supporting communities and the Dog community is a strong one.

As the industry develops overall, Crypto’s NFT sector will continue to support institutional investors and the communities behind the projects will grow larger and larger. NFTs will provide much more utilities than ever before.

That’s why now is the right time to launch EliteDogeClub.

EliteDogeClud seeks to create the largest Doge community in the world that is both interesting and fun, which will positively impact the NFT space.

The EliteDogeClub team

Exciting and huge like Elitedog Club would not be possible without a team behind an NFT launch. Let’s take a look at the supporting casts behind the project and learn more about why there’s so much buzz about what’s going to happen.

Supreme – Founder

Max, the founder of the Elitedog Club, is a visionary, architect, marketing mastermind and “digital mad scientist”. Dog lover and pug owner.

Max had the idea of ​​creating an NFT for humans, creating a value model that attracts non-crypto users to the crypto and NFT space. After noticing most NFT static images, he teamed up with world-class animator Julien Dragon, so every part of the industry is of unmatched value and quality compared to today’s NFT market.

Mark – Team Building, Community Relations, Blitscaling

Mark is a balanced partner for the soon-to-be-launched second phase, a highly experienced entrepreneur, community builder, plan executor and blitzkeller for the Elitedog Club.

Mark has taken a few small teams from under five to over 100 in 2-5 years.

After EliteDogeClub, Mark’s skills will be the main driving force of brand building.

Julien – artist

Julian has worked on huge shows like Game of Thrones and Stranger Things and is the artist behind the first launch.

Alex – Operations

Alex, who manages the operation side of EliteDogeClub, ensures the project runs smoothly and on time. Alex is the one on the floor who manages the show and works with the growing staff behind the scenes that puts everyone and everything together.

Largest NFT drop

The EliteDogeClub project is interesting for the entire NFT space.

It will be the largest NFT drop, with 100,000 animated Doge NFTs, 10 to 20 times larger than most NFT launches. The launch will be incredibly accessible because the mined coins will only have 0.01 ETH, which makes it nine times cheaper than most launches.

EliteDogeClub aims to bring NFT to the public with these fantastic animated Doge NFTs that are significantly less expensive than other NFTs at launch.

In order to make NFTs more inclusive, they can be the gateway to NFT and crypto space for many dog ​​fans.

Time to get ready for the biggest NFT drop ever!

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