Eli Manninggal tastes his own medicine with double birds on MNF, then apologizes

All those years of fooling and hacking in Philadelphia while playing for the Giants finally reached Eli Manning.

The two-time Super Bowl champion and his brother Payton were hosting the latest megast edition of their “Monday Night Football” and they shared with guest and former agglomerations defensive lineman Chris Long what the game was like in Philly.

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Manning faced the Gulls 31 times in his career and was 10-21 against them, hitting 34 interceptions with 54 touchdown passes, so he had a fair share of his run-ins with his fans.

It is only understandable that Manning jokes will show what happened to him and return the favor to those who are watching at home.

(Warning: Obscene gestures.)

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Moments later, Manning apologized for the gesture, saying he did not know it had been “frowned upon.”

Of course, Manning’s gestures and apologies. Even one of his ESPN colleagues had fun.

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During his career in New York, Manning was known for his ghostly personality and charm, so eventually it was far from his acting personality to give it up and dish it out and accept it.

Manningcast fans will have to wait another month to see the brothers in action again (Week 7, Saints-Seahawks). Who knows what might happen between now and then or plan for their return?

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