Edward Matthews now faces 22 charges for six separate criminal offenses against black neighbors

Edward “Cagney” is not looking for things for Matthews, who went viral in July for racist remarks against a black neighbor. As you may remember, Edward also challenged them to pull if they had a problem. So, a crowd of protesters accepted his invitation and later celebrated the police taking Edward into custody. Now, the Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office has announced new charges against Edward, including separate charges against four protesters.

“The only silver lining of Matthews’ sarcasm is that it ultimately allows the judiciary to intervene to hold him accountable for his behavior, not just that day, but several other incidents and propaganda for harassment allegations against him in the larger picture. African American members of the Essex Place HOA within fourteen months, ”the prosecutor’s report said.

The July 2 racist clash at Mount Laurel in New Jersey. Edward came forward aggressively and racially abused a black neighbor. He shouted and learned the law from the neighbor and called him a “monkey”.

As it turns out, his viral moment is not the first time he has treated black neighbors this way. However, the Mount Laurel Police Department said it had considered previous allegations against Edward on a case-by-case basis. This means that his racist misconduct was unsubstantiated because the individual cases had no criminal conduct or sufficient evidence to substantiate the allegations. But, the prosecutor’s office says it was not due to bias.

“However, the MLPD did not recognize the real problem-Matthews’ relentless, racially motivated campaign to harass African American HOA board members or even leave their homes,” the prosecutor’s report said.

The 455-year-old has now been charged with 22 counts or offenses across “six separate incidents involving harassment, vandalism and biased offenses against neighbors”. All of which are marked as African-American.

The prosecutor’s report said the allegations were pending. That means Edward “still benefits from the assumption of innocence over all of them.” At the time, Edwards was in police custody, where he had been since his first arrest.

The four protesters are also facing charges because of their actions when police took Edward out of his townhouse in a police car and the next step in his arrest. Every crime was caught on camera or shown on a local newscast on the night of the protest.

“These actions included spraying pepper spray on officers and Matthews, spitting on police officers, throwing bricks through the windows of Matthews ‘townhouse, and throwing stones at police in Mathews’ patrol car, hitting and damaging police vehicles,” the report said. .

This is a developing story.

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