Education can’t wait for annual results Emergency and chronic crisis reveals the devastating effects of Covid-1 of for children

Yasmin Sheriff, director of education, could not wait to visit a refugee site in the village of Modale, about 0 km from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Courtesy: Education can’t wait

  • By Allison Kentish (New York / Geneva)
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Education Can’t Wait (ECW), a global fund that provides education and training for children and adolescents in emergencies and crises, says 2020 was “exceptionally challenging”.

ECW has released its annual results report, winning the human race today, October 5, World Teachers Day.

“The epidemic has acted as a risk multiplier, as it has not only created new challenges but also increased existing challenges and risks for the most at-risk groups, especially girls and children and adolescents with disabilities,” the report said.

“Covid-19 1920 is remembered as a uniquely challenging year in modern history, destroying the entire society and socio-economic system. Although nearly 100 percent of students worldwide have seen their education disrupted – nearly a billion children have dropped out of school in a year – those who are already lagging behind in margins and crises are paying a heavy price. Education, Gordon Brown.

“An entire generation is facing irreparable damage. Among them, an estimated 20 million displaced girls, especially adolescents, are at risk of permanently dropping out of school, not only losing the opportunity to learn, but also the protection that education provides against gender-based violence, child marriage, sexual exploitation and human trafficking. ”

For the past five years, education has been working tirelessly to reduce the disruption in the education of nearly 50 million children in the world’s worst state of emergency and in crisis areas such as Afghanistan, Syria, Palestine and Yemen.

“Without immediate additional significant financial investment to support education in emergencies and long crises, entire generations will perish. It has further complicated the devastation that already exists in Sudan and Venezuela নাম name but a few crises where ECW works with partners to deliver the right to a safe, quality education for every girl and boy, ”said Yasmin Sharif, director of education.

While the world respects teachers at a challenging time for education, the latest ECW report confirms that the Global Fund has recruited nearly 150,000 teachers to fill the void left by the crisis for children.

ECW ensures that teachers have access to resources and receive education training in Emergency and Chronic Crisis (EIEPC). Educators are also trained in the provision of psychological and psychosocial support, gender and inclusion.

When the Covid-1 pandemic epidemic struck, the ECW acted proactively and decisively. Shortly after the World Health Organization declared the epidemic on March 11, 2020, the ECW launched five grant packages in 322 countries. According to the annual report, 23 23.0 million was raised from the First Emergency Response (FER) reserve in ’21 days, and another 22 in July 2020. Million US dollars was approved – a total of .45..4 million US dollars. ‘

It was the fastest-growing fundraising effort and a concerted effort to protect the children of the world behind. More than 29 million children and adolescents have benefited, 51 percent of whom are girls.

Ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 4 and promoting lifelong opportunities for all as a guide, has led to the ECW epidemic; Increase resources and support for school-closing, covid-1 prot protocol promotion, and distance-learning between health and hygiene products.

Home visits in some countries, such as Afghanistan, have confirmed that the epidemic does not disrupt children’s education.

In Yemen, ECW partner UNICEF has donated electronic learning materials to more than 330,000 children.

In Iraq, ECW and its partners embraced the technology and used applications such as WhatsApp and Viber to communicate, send texts, and support more than 5,000 students.

Children in long-term crises in Afghanistan, Chad, Palestine and Uganda have received health and hygiene lessons, while emergency funds have continued various educational activities.

ECW attributes its rapid response and impact during the epidemic to the flexibility of the fund, and the resilience of its partners, communities and children and adolescents. However, disruption of education and learning will continue to be a major challenge as armed conflict, forced displacement and climate, and food crises, and epidemics push millions of people further into poverty.

“If we are to continue our quest for the human race, our global community must play a key role in realizing our vision of a ‘shared humanity.’ An investment, an investment in peace, an investment in our future and an investment in our universal human rights, ”the sheriff said.

ECW’s vision is to provide quality and inclusive education to at least two-thirds of children in the world’s most acute and critical crisis areas.

ECW raised ২ 282.3.3 million through the ECW Trust Fund and, along with its partners, contributed এক 1 billion to the ECW’s multi-year resilience program in 1W countries, the report said.

In the face of war, displacement, humanitarian and emergency crises, these funds are saving the lives of millions of children. The fund has proven that children and adolescents do not have to lag behind even in the world’s worst crisis-hit countries. On the contrary, according to the ECW, they should be at the forefront of empowerment and global assistance.

“Working together with our partners, our chances of collective success are unquestionable: in less than 5 years of existence, ECW has demonstrated its vision through concrete results for crisis-affected children and youth. I call on world leaders, the private sector and our world community The education that urgently and generously supports cannot wait to reach the millions of children who are already falling into the cracks, ”the sheriff said.

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