Drunk, shirtless Max Scherzer steals the show after winning the Dodgers’ NL wild-card game

What a difference of a few hours for Max Scherzer.

Earlier in Wednesday’s NL wild-card game vs. Cardinals, manager Dave Roberts apparently refused to leave the Dodgers Ace after his replacement came out. Shortly after winning the wild-card in Los Angeles, shirtless and seemingly drunk Sherzar laughed when he got up on the TBS postgame show with Arnie Johnson Jr. and company.

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Here is the moment to surprise Sherza Johnson, Pedro Martinez, Jimmy Rollins and Curtis Granderson with his empty chest:

Oh, but Serger didn’t get there. Later in the interview, he complained about the reaction from the TBS headset, excited to say, “I can’t talk … I’m drunk. Whatever.”

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It was far from his previous disposition; When Roberts comes out to pick up the ball from him, Sherger offers his hand, forcing his manager to take the ball out of his gloves. Scherzer finished the game with a pitch of 4.1 innings, three hits, three walks, one earned run and four strikeouts. He was later seen discussing Roberts’ decision in the dugout, clearly still excited to be removed from the game.

Sherza was very calm when discussing his manager’s decision with Johnson.

“Yeah, Dave Roberts … understands where he wants to be – sorry sorry, I got an echo – where he wants his savior everywhere,” Scherzer told Johnson. “And so, look, he wanted Joe Kelly there. Although I was fine. He wanted Joe. So, that’s how you win a ball game.”

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Indeed. It certainly helped that Chris Taylor walked under a two-run homer on the ninth floor to win the out-2 and send Los Angeles to the NLDS. It even persuaded Sherzar to hit his former national team-mate Juan Soto and coach Kevin Long:

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