Dr Shiva Shiva Maricopa invited the election officials to open a dialogue on the results of the audit

Dr. Shiva Shiva Ayadurai, MIT PhD. The inventors of SMVS, SMME, SBEE and email, as we know them today, have invited Maricopa County election officials to an open conversation with him.

Gateway pundits have reported that the meeting will be held.

Break: Thursday. – Dr. Shiva Marikopa invited the election officials to open the dialogue on the audit results

Dr Shiva Shiva wants an open forum between county officials and audit officers instead of on-productive online, which has been perpetuated by the county when they ignore auditors ’questions.

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Maricopa County still refuses to answer any questions and instead, they make statements on Twitter and through their corporate media allies who verify their authenticity.

EXCLUSIVE: Maricopa County officials claim they did not delete election data – they just archived it and withheld it from Senate auditors

Dr. After analyzing Shiva’s duplicate ballot, he cast his ballot in the Arizona election in the 2020 election, including 44 voters.

Dr. Shiva Shiva at the AZ Senate hearing: More than 17,000 duplicate ballots – those who voted more than once in Arizona – 1.5 times Biden’s winning margin (video)

Marikopa County has refused to answer questions and provide transparency, and they have not responded to their invitation to comment on their tenure.

Contact Marikopa County and claim they join the forum with Dr. Shiva Shiva here.

Contact Marikopa County Recorder Stephen Richard and claim his presence here.

See below at Arizona Time (Arizona Time).

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