Dr Camp Campbell has revealed the reasons behind India’s Ivermectin blackout

Gateway pundits had previously reported that Kovid’s case in India is declining for new regulations that promote ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine to its huge population.

The 33 districts of Uttar Pradesh in India have now been liberated from the Kovid-1 government on 10 September. The recovery rate has increased to 98.7%, proving the effectiveness of IVERMECTIN as part of the “Uttar Pradesh Covid Control Model”.

Of course, there is a media blackout, the media will not mention that Ivermectin is being used to treat COVID-19 with great success.

Now, The Desert Review website has published the fifth part of its highly detailed report on the use of ivermectin in India. This fifth part addresses the causes of ivermectin blackout in India.

The website tells the success story of Uttar Pradesh to renowned science blogger Dr. John Campbell. Dr. John Campbell has 1.15 million subscribers on YouTube.

He discussed the treatment kit responsible for eradicating covid in Uttar Pradesh. He published India’s Ivermectin Blackout on YouTube which would upset Big Pharma, WHO, CDC and Fawcett.

In May, 2021, at the height of India’s Delta Surge, the World Health Organization reported, “Uttar Pradesh () is going the last mile to close the Covid-1 stop.”

The WHO noted, “Indian teams have been touring 97,941 villages in 75 districts since May 5, which began on May 5 with a population of 230 million in India’s most populous state.”

The activity included an invasive in-house examination and treatment program with a medicine kit.

The WHO explained, “Each monitoring team consists of two members who, using the Village Rapid Antigen Test Kit, visit homes in rural and remote areas to test everyone for symptoms of Covid-1 of. Those who test positive are quickly isolated and disease management A medicine kit is provided with advice.

The kit was not identified as part of the Western media blackout at the time. As a result, the ingredients were as secretive as McDonald’s sauce.

The WHO continued, “On the opening day, WHO field officers monitored more than 2,000 government teams and visited at least 10,000 families.”

Such teams are the government teams discussed above to conduct in-house examination and treatment activities in Uttar Pradesh. To discuss the role of the Rapid Response Team (RRT), the WHO site reports,

“RRTs are an important component of a large emergency response strategy that is essential for an efficient and effective response … WHO has developed and published this course for RRTs working at the national, sub-national, district and sub-district levels. National Center for Disease Control, Epidemic response with support from Health and Family Welfare, Government of India and US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Under the umbrella of the WHO, the Rapid Response Team received support from the CDC in the United States. This fact further legitimizes the Uttar Pradesh testing and treatment program and strengthens it as a joint effort of WHO and CDC.

Perhaps the most significant part of the WHO article was the last sentence, “The WHO will support the Uttar Pradesh government in compiling the final report.”

None have been published yet.

On September 22, 2021, YouTube hosted a video describing the success story of popular science blogger Dr. John Campbell in Uttar Pradesh. He gave a breakdown of the ingredients and dosage of the Magical Medicine Home Treatment Kit responsible for the eradication of covid in Uttar Pradesh. The same kit was also used in the state of Goa.

Dr. John Campbell has revealed India’s secret sauce source, breaking India’s ivermectin blackout on YouTube, which is frustrating for Big Pharma, WHO and CDC. Readers will want to see it before downloading it. See Mark 2:22.

Each home kit had the following: Paracetamol tablets [tylenol], Vitamin C, Multivitamin, Zinc, Vitamin D3, Ivermectin 12 mg [quantity #10 tablets], Doxycycline 100 mg [quantity #10 tablets]. Other non-drug ingredients include masks, sanitizers, gloves and alcohol wipes, a digital thermometer and a pulse oximeter. See Mark 2:33.

Campbell reports that the interesting things in the kit caught his attention: zinc, vitamin D3, ivermectin, and secondary antibiotic treatment. “Interestingly, that’s what the government decided to give.” See Mark 3:40.

He has previously reviewed reconstituted drugs for covid. He is Dr. Tess Laurie and Dr. Pierre Corey are both interviewed. Ur Re-established medications have the potential to benefit many conditions, at least not including viruses and cancer.

He mentioned that there were no recent cases in 59 districts of Uttar Pradesh. In addition, of the 191,446 tests completed in the previous 24 hours, only 33 samples were positive for a test positive rate of 0.01%. Dr. Camp Campbell called this low number “stunned.” See Mark 5:05.

By September, the cases had dropped dramatically. Within the entire state of 200 million plus inhabitants, there were 187 active cases left, compared to 310,783 in April. See Mark 5:41.

He attributes their success to a number of factors, including the cost of just $ 2.65 per person, including early detection and first aid. See Mark 6:20.

Note that Dr. Camp Campbell did not mention a single person who had any toxicity from those ten 12 mg pills of ivermectin – more than 200 million in the entire state. No poisoning was reported. No Indian poison control articles or telephone calls were reported. Of the millions of kits distributed, each containing 120 mg of ivermectin, no one in Uttar Pradesh was reported to have a drug problem.

Notice that Dr. Campbell never criticizes the kit as “fringe” or ineffective. After all, it would be inappropriate to accuse Uttar Pradesh of testing and treating Uttar Pradesh, as part of the WHO-sponsored program, as a “boundary”.

In contrast to the small amount we receive from the U.S. government – these kits are effective and include gloves, a thermometer and an oximeter. The last time I bought an oximeter about ten years ago, it cost 200.00. This whole kit – including the oximeter – costs just $ 2.65.

And note that the government can buy more than a thousand home treatment ivermectin-containing kits for the price of a course of remedicivir. RemediciVir 3, runs ড 100 and is an unrealistic drug, as it has to be given late in the hospital. Moreover, it is a drug that does not save lives.

You can read the previous part of India’s Ivermectin Blackout from The Desert Review at the following links:

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