Dozens of Massachusetts state soldiers resign prematurely for state mandatory vaccine mandate

This week, a Massachusetts Superior Court judge refused to delay the state’s vaccine mandate, which is set to begin Oct. 17. The decision has already created a wave of state troops to submit their papers to leave the force and many more are expected to resign before the mandate begins.

“Dozen” State Police Union boss Michael Cherven has already resigned.

“We are disappointed with the judge’s verdict; However, we respect his decision.

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To date, dozens of soldiers have already submitted their resignation papers.

Now that the judge has refused to suspend or change the order, soldiers who plan to stay and have not been vaccinated have a choice to make. Any officer who does not receive their first shot within that period will lose their job – About 20% of them are still unvaccinated.

Officers have been “completely annoyed” by Republican Governor Charlie Baker’s order for which they have to answer. The policy was introduced on August 19 and applies to all executive branch employees – including state troops. The only people who can escape the order are those who have medical or religious reasoning – which is rarely allowed.

This is one of the strictest orders in the whole country, for which there is no reasonable alternative.

Cherven explained that soldiers only want to make the same choices that their colleagues in other local municipalities make. The 1,800-member union is willing to negotiate আসলে in fact, it’s their “preferred path” কbut the governor’s office has refused to move.

“It is fortunate that the governor and his party have chosen the toughest vaccine mandate in the entire country without any reasonable alternative.

Simply put, what we want is the same basic accommodation that countless other departments have provided to their first responders, And treating a covid-related illness as a line-of-duty injury, Chevron said.

Several soldiers will return to their former police department who are outside the scope of the governor’s vaccine mandate and still allow regular checks and masks for officers who do not want to be vaccinated in a hurry.

The departure of many officers will become a big burden for the already defunct state police force. Special units that will be most affected, among others, are murder, terrorism, computer crime, and human trafficking.

One way or another, this vaccine mandate is successfully clearing the ranks of the left.

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