‘Don’t touch me’: Kirsten Cinema faces activists at airport again

Kirsten Cinema (D-AZ) was again confronted by an employee at an airport, urging the senator to “don’t touch me.”

The incident has faced cinemas at the airport for the second time this month.

The video appeared Monday where the movie is seen walking and talking to Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) when a self-described constitution is approached.

The movie basically ignores the woman because she talks to lobbyists and talks about the effects of climate change.

“Every single year in Arizona, it’s getting hotter and hotter,” the woman said. “We are breaking records … people are suffering. Your voters are suffering. What are you going to do about climate change? “

At one point, the woman moved too close to the comfort of the Democrat senator, causing the movie to insist, “Don’t touch me.”

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Equivalence for the course

The video was initially shot above the waist, it’s hard to say if the woman’s hand grazed the movie or if she moved too close which led to a predetermined reaction.

“I did not touch you,” the woman replied.

Although both Cinema and Scott no longer acknowledge the employee, the pair exchanged comments dismissing his presence.

“Sorry about that,” he tells Scott.

“It’s the equivalent of a course,” he replied with a smile.

The two then proceeded to an escalator that appears to be a member of the front security measures, leaving the woman to request from below, “Please answer me, Senator.”

Carsten is charged at the cinema airport

Senator Kirsten Cinema’s long-standing opposition to President Biden’s Social Services and Climate Change Expenditure Package has set a goal behind it for liberal activists.

He was confronted by leftists at Reagan National Airport in Washington, D.C., earlier this month.

That incident included an inspection from an illegal immigration worker on the plane who claimed the dreamers had promised a path to citizenship.

Perhaps the most startling thing happened with the movie Senator Kirsten Out An airport.

In the first week of October, a group of progressive activists followed the movie to a bathroom and then recorded him standing outside a stall in protest of immigration reform and his opposition to the Democrats’ economic agenda.

ABC News a week later portrayed the movie as “taking a hard turn to the right” by resisting Democrats’ 3.5 trillion spending persuasion.

“Once a staunch progressive, Arizona’s senior senator took a hard turn to the right,” ABC Tweets. “On the surface, it was an attempt to make him more electable by respecting moderate and conservative voters.”

Undoubtedly this kind of characterization provides misinformation to these overzealous workers, encouraging them to deal with it as if he were your average Trump supporter.

The fact that he ignored one of his ‘selectors’ when conversing with Republican Scott will only increase their frustration.

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