Don’t DPOY Trevon Diggs

Trevon Diggs has to do more than just get a pick to be DPOY.

Trevon Diggs has to do more than just get a pick to be DPOY.
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Trevon Diggs has been an absolute monster this season for the Dallas Cowboys. He limited some of the best receivers in the game to less than 50 yards and did not allow one receiver to record more than five receptions. He allowed just 465 yards with six interceptions in 16 games. Now, you’re probably thinking “Wait a minute. Someone here is trying a quick pull on us. Diggs did not play 16 games. We’re only in the 5th week of the NFL season. That’s right. I’ve still pulled off my most naughty strategy. These numbers do not belong to Diggs. They belong to the 2009 Jets cornerback Darrell Revis.

Revis’s 2019 season is considered one of the best cornerback asons of the 2000s. Between 2006 and 2016, no other defensive back matched Revis’ dominance that year.

I mean, just look at the receiver’s gantlet who had to go: Andre Johnson, Randy Moss, Terrell Owens, Chad Ochosinko, Marcus Colston, Roddy White, Reggie Wayne, Steve Smith, Randy Moss again. Not only did Revis drink water against these stars, he went into Michael Phelps-mode every week. He allowed only three receptions, 29 yards and 0.19 touchdowns in 2009 – and he failed to win the Defensive Player of the Year award. It wasn’t even close. Revis received only half the votes Winner, Charles Woodson.

Now, let’s look at Diggs. Yes, Diggs is recording a lot of hurdles, and turnovers are great. However, he is on the verge of becoming the worst coverage cornerback in the PFF era (2006-present). Diggs has allowed 329 yards of wind this season. That’s 65 yards per game. It kept the digs in motion to allow 1119 yards in the 17-game season. Since 200, the maximum number of yards allowed by a cornerback is 1074. That dubious record was set by the former Pittsburgh Steeler Antwon Blake in 2015. Diggs is in the process of destroying that record.

I know the tweet says Blake left a lot of yards in 2014, but that means 2015.

I keep hearing that Cowboys fans are praising Diggs for his picking ability, but are they worth it when Diggs is allowing so many yards? Diggs is the opponent of Darrell Revis. Revis never recorded a ton of obstacles. The height of his career is only six. Yet Revis remains one of the game’s most feared cornerbacks due to his ability to lock top receivers. Diggs doesn’t have that ability. Does that mean he’s horribly cornered? No, but if you are going to praise Diggs for his good work, you must also see his bad.

Diggs are currently available The third best disagreement To win the Defensive Player of the Year award, and while his base stats look great, he wasn’t really that effective in coverage. The Cowboys have allowed the NFL the second-largest passing yard, and Diggs has taken over more than a fifth of them. This is not a DPOY component. I love Diggs. I like his chances. I like his big play ability, but let’s cool it down with Defensive Player of the Year Talk. If Revis doesn’t deserve it, Diggs certainly doesn’t.

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