Don’t believe the propaganda about the Dallas Cowboys defense

The Dallas Cowboys defense looks good, but not that they’re going to make the Super Bowl.  Come on.

The Dallas Cowboys defense looks good, but not that they’re going to make the Super Bowl. Come on.
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One month into the NFL season and see the Dallas Cowboys defense. They are no longer brutal on the defensive side of the ball. The way they are doing it is even more tragic. This Cowboys defense is building turnover in a way we haven’t seen from them in a while. But I’ll warn you, cowboy fans. Please do not fall into the same trap whenever they have a great start to the season. You know how it always ends; In the divisional round of the playoffs.

Yes, Dan Quinn’s defense has looked good so far in the first four games of the season. Good enough to help them to a 3-1 record. I still want to see more from them and see how well the defense is doing because I’m not ready to crown them yet.

But what this Cowboys defense has proven so far is that Quinn is still a good football coach, and he’s not exactly the head coach element. At least not right now. The Cowboys are second in the NFL in takeaway (10) through four games, and Trevon Diggs has really shown up, snatching up five hurdles.

I’m still not quite ready to buy into these Cowboys defense, especially since they’re still dropping a lot of yards. That turning but don’t break strategy doesn’t work well unless it is. The Cowboys’ three-match winning streak came against the young quarterback. Justin Herbert (23), Jillian Harts (23), and Sam Darnald (24). Darnald is in his fourth year, but he has played the previous three with the Jets, so he too can be considered a rookie. Herbert and Harts are both in the second year of their NFL career. E.g. Herbert was just as good For the Chargers, there are still times when it looks like a young QB is still trying to figure things out on the field.

In the opening match of the season against veteran Tom Brady, this Cowboys defense crossed 379 yards. Most so far this season. This came against a more experienced QB. But I will give credit to them for forcing Brady INT. But they still gave up those yards and lost the game 31-29. That game against Brady and Tampa Bay will have them playing in the post-season. We know cowboys usually find a way to lose these games when they are most important. After the game, Postal Prescott told Brady that they would meet with them later, And I’m not sure if Dallas necessarily wants to.

Maybe talking about seeing them on the golf course after the call. Who knows? There’s still a lot of season left to play, but I’d like to see the Cowboys ’defense against the well-established Cubs in this league, before I get nuts about how good they are. The Cowboys traveled to Kansas City in the 11th week to play Chiefs and Patrick Mahoms. The following week they got Raider and Derek Carr back in Dallas. I’ll take a closer look at those games against experienced QB to see what this Dallas defense really is. Fortunately for cowboys, they don’t have too much QB on their schedule. Their section Full of young inexperienced Cubs, they can play six times. At Week 8 they get the Minnesota Vikings, and although Kirk Cousins ​​is playing well, they are only 1-3. But that’s the kind of game I can see the Cowboys getting goofy and losing. The path to a section title seems clear to the Cowboys at the moment.

Dallas works just fine when no one expects anything from them. Well, whatever the cowboys of the last two decades. Secondly whatever kind of expectation is placed on them, they fold like cheap lawn chairs. Of course, regular season is important, but for the Cowboys, they will only prove the skeptics wrong by winning the playoffs. And by that, I mean at least make it to the NFC Championship game. Cowboys have never done that during this millennium.

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