DOJ has begun efforts to address the threat of violence against school officials across the United States

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The DOJ is beginning efforts to address the threat of violence against school officials
The judiciary is launching an effort to address what it says is an “increase” in “threats of violence” against school officials and teachers across the country.

“Threats against government employees are not only illegal, they counter the core values ​​of our nation,” Attorney General Garland said in a statement Monday. “Those who dedicate their time and energy to ensuring that our children receive the right education in a safe environment are able to do their work without fear for their safety.”

Garland has instructed the FBI and U.S. Attorney’s Offices to meet with federal, state and local law enforcement leaders within the next 30 days, during which time officials will discuss ways to address the DOJ’s “annoying trend” of harassment and threats against schools.

Critics say the move is tantamount to an attempt by the Biden administration to dissuade parents from exercising their First Amendment rights.

The DOJ will also launch a task force to address the issue as it tries to determine how the federal government can prosecute crimes and help local law enforcement assist local law enforcement in cases where it is not a federal crime.

Special training will also be provided for local school boards and administrators to help them identify threatening behavior, as well as to report incidents to appropriate law enforcement agencies while preserving evidence for assistance in criminal trials. Click here for our top story.

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Brian Laundry Hunt: Casey Laundry Comes Out After Gassi Petito’s Murder
The sister of fugitive Brian Laundry in Florida told protesters outside her Lakeswood Ranch home on Monday that her family was ignoring her after her brother went missing and her fianc মৃত্য died.

Asked if Brian was helping his parents avoid the laundry authorities, he said “I don’t know” and he couldn’t talk to them.

“I’m on the boat where my family is ignoring me and my family’s attorney dropped me off the bus,” Cassie Laundry told a group of protesters on Monday in a video shared by TickTock user Ron Chroniclesfolivia.

The lawyer appears to have been referring to the laundry, with Steve Bertolino blaming the media.

“I don’t represent Casey Laundry,” he told Fox News Digital in a text message Monday night. “Casey’s comments can only be blamed on the media for twisting my words and his words, which were given by the press to explain past misconduct in the hope of making this tragic story more sensational.”

Laundry made his first public comment after an interview with ABC News last month, when a campaign was underway for his brother – the subject of a federal warrant for his debit card fraud. Click here for more.

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– Hicker describes ‘strange’ encounter with Brian Laundry’s faith in ‘Fox and Friends First’
– Philadelphia nurse shoots a colleague at the hospital, injuring 2 officers in a gunfight
– Moab Massacre: Kylien Schultz’s father appeals for help in solving newlyweds’ murder

Facebook and Instagram are back after the longest break in the world; Detailed root cause of the company
Facebook announced in a statement late Monday night that its platforms had been “backed up and running” as widespread outrage erupted on its main site, Instagram., And WhatsApp platforms are dark at the beginning of the day.

The company said in a blog post that its engineering team noticed that “this communication has been disrupted as a result of configuration changes in the backbone routers that coordinate network traffic within our data center. Please contact, stop our service.”

While these platforms are running again, “we are actively working to bring them back into regular operation.”

The statement said, “We would like to clarify at this time that we believe that the root cause of this confusion was a faulty configuration change. We do not have any evidence that this downtime resulted in compromising user data.”

In addition to Facebook, DownDector reported that users of T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, Google, Twitter, TickTock, Zoom and Amazon web services are experiencing confusion.

Facebook’s whistleblower Frances Hausen is set to testify against the social media giant on Tuesday morning.

On Sunday, Hausen revealed in CBS’s “60 Minutes” that a woman who had anonymously complained to federal law enforcement that Facebook’s own research shows how it increases hate and misinformation, increases polarization, and especially Instagram teens May harm the mental health of girls. Click here for more.

Other developments:
– GOP Senate candidate Sam Brown retaliates on Twitter because the tech giant admits his account was blocked by ‘wrong’
– Facebook reveals the identity of Whistleblower, to appear before the Senate subcommittee
– Verni: Facebook Whistleblower Big Tech’s ‘Biggest Threat’

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Shawn Hannity Clap back Joe Biden He told reporters Monday after being harassed by Democratic Sense. This is “a part of the process” because Joe Manchin and Kirsten Cinema do not have support for important issues in their domestic programs.

“You won’t be with your fellow senators. I think that’s part of the whole process,” Host said. “Hannity”. “Video tapping in a bathroom stall. Is it part of the process you support? What happened to standing up for a woman’s right to privacy? Visiting someone’s house and shouting down where they live? It’s part of the process? If your mid – Does anyone come to your basement during daytime sleep? It’s not appropriate. It’s wrong. It’s immoral. “

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