Do you still compare bitcoin to tulip bubbles? Stop! By Cointelegraph


To compare (BTC) Dutch tulip bulb bubbles are an illusion perpetual. Technology develops faster than nature and decentralized networks have more financial utility than a bunch. Bitcoin is a technology, tulips are plants, and no prudent person can take the comparison much further.

The 17th-century market bubble Tulipmania, where the price of flower bulbs has risen due to speculation by Dutch investors, has led to a major catastrophe. Prices exceeded the average annual income by six times. The rarity of bulbs has become one of the most expensive things on the planet.

Jonathan Libby CEO and founder of Steady State. In enjoying the meme and researching the global opportunities offered by crypto, Jonathan is actively creating a new standard for DFI insurance. After spending a good portion of his college career researching crypto coverage and yield farming at the University of Maine, Jonathan has spent time helping and educating the U.S. Senate about crypto and alternative solutions.