Do more with your crypto: beyond the buy and sell buttons

Spend, earn, send, receive and trade only 100+ cryptocurrencies and more at Coinbase

  • Direct deposit Coming soon: Customers will be able to deposit any percentage of their paycheck to their Coinbase account in crypto or USD
  • Coinbase Card Adds the ability to spend The US dollar; With new rewards DAI, AMP and RLY; And General availability Start this autumn
  • Since the launch Coinbase earnings More than 2018 6.5 million unique users Earned crypto at Coinbase

Max Bransberg, VP of Products, Coinbase

Coinbase started with a basic idea that anyone would be able to access Bitcoin easily, simply and securely. Since then we have come a long way.

Today, consumers have more options than ever before when it comes to buying and selling Bitcoin. It’s something to celebrate. This means that crypto is being accepted more and more around the world.

At Coinbase, our goal is to enable everyone to make the most of their money with the help of crypto power. That’s why we’re committed to providing the most trusted full suite of crypto-first financial services to our 68 million users.

Pay in crypto

With their spending, earnings, trading and orro acceptance on Coinbase, customers will need easy ways to fund their Coinbase accounts. In the coming weeks, we will launch the ability to pay customers at Coinbase in the United States. Customers can pay in crypto or US dollars and choose any percentage of their paycheck to deposit. Through direct deposits, customers can easily access our crypto-first financial services and be ready for any trade or purchase.

Rethink crypto costs and earnings

As consumers look to the crypto economy to meet their daily financial needs, they need a way to easily buy with crypto and make money in their portfolio.

Coinbase Card is a Visa: Debit Card that gives customers a refund of up to 4% on crypto rewards for every eligible purchase, so that our customers can buy everyday items with Crypto² without any hassle. Here’s what’s new:

  • Earlier this week, cardholders could spend US dollars (as well as crypto) to receive crypto rewards
  • Coinbase cardholders can already get 1% refund on ETH, DOGE, or BTC or 4% on GRT or XLM. Starting this week, they can also choose to get a 1% return on DAI or 4% on AMP or RLY.
  • All US customers * will be eligible to sign up for a Coinbase card starting this fall *

In addition to earning by spending, the ability to earn crypto money is important in bringing more people into the crypto economy without buying or transacting. I am thrilled to share that since the launch of Coinbase Earn in 2018, more than 6.5 million unique users have acquired crypto for educational tasks such as watching videos and answering questions. Coinbase Earn is live in 42 countries today and we plan to add more in the coming months.

Designed for the crypto economy

Powered by crypto and blockchain technology, the crypto economy has the opportunity to become a more fair, accessible, efficient and transparent financial system for the Internet age. Our goal is to create a gateway to this new financial system, a secure, reliable and easy-to-use platform.

This means designing products with a simple UX that makes our platform usable and intuitive even for new entrants to the crypto economy. Our app was originally designed to trade dozens of crypto assets, but as we continue to build a complete suite of financial services for the crypto economy, we need an overhaul to adjust our UX.

We’ve made a number of improvements to our mobile and web apps, including:

  • A new ‘Resources’ tab for viewing your crypto holdings and discovering new features
  • A newly created ‘Trade’ tab that helps you research assets and transact similarly for both beginners and advanced traders
  • A new ‘Pay’ tab for accessing Coinbase cards and P2P payments for daily expenses
  • A new ‘for you’ tab to discover news, insights and learning and connect with the larger crypto economy

Our goal is to provide consumers with the best financial services possible, but in a better way with crypto and blockchain technology. Crypto-built financial services have the potential to enable more equitable and equal access to resources anywhere, anytime, without any bias. This is still the early days, but by laying the foundation for the initial financial account, we have come a step further to enable more economic freedom for the world.

* Coinbase cards are available for all eligible customers in the United States except Hawaii.

Ry Crypto Prize is an allied Coinbase offer.

OinCoinbase will automatically convert all cryptocurrencies into US dollars for purchase and use in ATM withdrawals.

Coinbase card is issued by Metabank, NA, member FDIC as per Visa USA Inc. license. Powered by Coinbase Card Market.

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