Divine: Hunter Biden has plenty of ‘chutjapa’ to organize great art shows during investigations

New York Post columnist Miranda Divine Said Tuesday.

Little Biden hosted an art show in Hollywood last week for a number of California elites, including Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti. An estimated 200 people took part in the Hollywood event. Georges Burgess, an art dealer in Biden’s high-flying New York City, is selling his artwork for between 75 75,000 and 500 500,000.

House Oversight Republicans Hunter Biden’s Art Deal

“We know that Hunter Biden is under investigation for money laundering among other issues, and we know that the art world is notorious as a place for money laundering, so it really takes a lot of effort for him to do that,” Devine told Carlson.

“But,” he went on, “it’s a disgrace to the Biden administration in my opinion. It’s a disgrace that the president isn’t even pretending to keep himself away from what’s happening. He’s hiding behind this mirage of compassion. He was also involved in the Enrichment Program. “

Hunter Biden’s art deal has come under scrutiny for moral turmoil The White House has boxed itself up by allowing artwork to be sold anonymously.

The anonymous sale of the president’s son’s artwork may be enough for someone rich enough – presumably, for an American adversary – from the Biden family and President Biden, well-wishers critics say.

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“His dad is president and no matter how stylish he is, it’s really Joe Biden’s gift, the president’s gift and now it’s the White House gift, so everyone’s problem, especially Democrats and anyone who goes to this Hunter Biden art show,” Devin said.

“If they go, what they’re legitimizing is really a racket.”

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