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This is the main thing – treat people with respect and you can avoid most of the problems in this world.

You’re surrounded by other investors. They see things differently than you do. You are among the people building investment business. The companies. They are working differently than you.

All right. That’s the way it is supposed to be. A complete and complete stranger does not have to share your investment trust. You don’t have to agree with your opinion about the right way to trade or the right investment to hold.

This difference of opinion is not a denial of your beliefs. This is not mocking your philosophy. This is not a challenge to your intellect or an insult to your position. If you believe it, your mind is playing tricks on you. You are not competing with any other investor one by one, unless you count the only real competitor – your own.

And now that I’ve reminded you of this basic idea, let me take it to its full extent: since you are not competing with anyone else and none of this is personal, there is no reason to disrespect another investor with a different perspective. Even if you are in opposition to the same trade. Especially if you.

Insulting someone may give you temporary satisfaction but it is not real. Once the chemicals are off, the real insecurity still exists. Insecurity is one of the things that makes you hostile to others in the first place. I know this first hand. All my bad interactions with other investors and market participants gave birth to an internal feeling of lack.

Look at those who react emotionally when someone disagrees with them about the stock market. You will see their lack express this same feeling. It has nothing to do with the stock market. It’s coming from a much deeper place. It’s a defense system that we start building as children. Our own adult versions continue to use this process and all older triggers still apply. Am I good enough? Is he better than me? Is everyone laughing? Am I being left out?

I didn’t regret it when my own insecurity caught the wheel and persuaded me to run over someone’s investment comments. Never. Being disrespectful to another investor becomes a delusion that hurts the offender as much as it hurts the offender. It returns ricochets. When you turn around, it turns around. Even if the part takes years to come. It disrespects you. Keep it there in sufficient quantity and the damage may be permanent.

There is a better way.

All the benefits of investing in a business come from relationships. All beards. No matter how smart you are. The benefits of being well-informed, well-informed, well-cared for are obvious. The difficulties of being trivial and neglected are also obvious. With the exception of a serious personality disorder, you are welcome to choose the first path Even if you’ve basically started down another path. You can change. I would wake up and spend the day in the stock market hostile to my imaginary enemies. Then I realized I could not win anything.

If you are going the wrong way it will be important to reduce your exposure to people who are obsessed with the opinions of others. If you can’t help but be irritated by the opinions of others, stop eating a lot of them. Avoid being part of the Peanut Gallery. Message board. In the comments section. Pseudonym. Those who watch financial TV eight hours a day, five days a week, when they tell everyone how much they hate. They don’t hate it. They hate that they are not in it.

Recognize the signs that you are in the wrong company. Are you involved with people who focus on their own successes or the failures of others? It’s easy to say. You average five of your closest friends. On the internet, a combination of all the shit you read and see. Choose wisely.

The more exposure you get to this crowd, the more you will begin to get along with it. Adopt attitudes and habits. It’s a dead end. I know these people in real life. The less time you spend exploring people’s opinions, the less likely you are to cause or cause harm. Easy solution.

The ability to disagree with others with respect is an investor’s superiority. It keeps us open to change our minds. And learn new things from unexpected sources. To reverse themselves if necessary. To detoxify the environment around us. To raise.

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