Disaster for Mitch McConnell because he doesn’t have a GOP vote for OP Ceiling Cave

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell went beyond the debt limit without making sure the Republicans voted to increase the limit.

Mitch McConnell was so intimidated by the Philibuster Reform that he was warned not to vote.

According to the Punchbowl News Morning Newsletter:

There are two hang-ups. Sources familiar with the discussion have suggested that Republicans aren’t sure if they can get the 10 GOP votes needed to cut their own filibuster to “real numbers” – a dollar cut to raise the debt limit until December. They have not yet voted together. Most lawmakers will vote to suspend the debt limit until a certain date. Democrats are also pressuring Republicans in talks to extend the new debt limit before December, which Republicans oppose.

Democrats should take McConnell’s offer and Nuke The Filibuster

If McConnell can’t vote, his deal is as meaningless as his words. An agreement on the debt limit until December buys both parties some time. The real answer is to get rid of the artificial construction known as the limit of the.

Republicans will not go along with permanently suspending the permanence limit, so Democrats should bill it to reconcile. McConnell may have a number attached to the number limit right now, but it doesn’t matter once the Democrats get rid of the whole thing.

Mitch McConnell’s limited terrorism has blown him away.

Now that Democrats know they don’t have the courage to follow McConnell, they should do whatever they want.

If Mitch McConnell is so scared that he first offered a deal without checking with his caucus, he is an incompetent leader who should not be taken seriously.

McConnell told Republicans to jump off the hill, and now they’re having trouble getting off their lease.

The minority leader in the Senate is getting exactly what he deserves.

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