Director David Lynch and the band Interpol have joined forces to collect the NFT

This is not the first time that legendary director David Lynch has been working with Interpol. In 2010, Lynch used the Interpol song “Lights” as the soundtrack for the animated short film “I Touch a Red Button Man”. The following year, Interpol used that short film as a visual for their coaches. And now, a decade later, they’re both revisiting the work and turning it into eight NFTs.

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HIFI Labs has adapted the work into seven pieces in the NFT state, as well as an add-on that will be blended with user-created content. Medium Au site, They will be available for auction in the Superrare Ethereum market. Piece 1/1 version. This The first. They all feature an updated version of the “Lights” song. Forbes It is described as follows.

“The new performance features a stripe-down version of the song, both by design and physically isolated by band members – Banks, Daniel Kessler and Sam Fogarino for many epidemics.”

To draw a clearer picture, Banks said in an official statement from the band:

“The marriage of music and visuals is an ancient tradition, and Lynch himself is a musician and his love for music so it was a beautiful organic way for two different media artists to come together. From our point of view, we were all crazy for Lynch so it was amazing that our work Was associated with him.

It turns out that Interpol is the force behind Lynch’s new and improved adventure in the NFT space. However, David Lynch tweeted about it. So, he is aware and supports the project.

David Lynch’s “I Touch a Red Button Man”

This is the short film “I Touch a Red Button Man” in all its glory:

During the main cooperation, the banks said Huffington Post:

“It’s important to make it clear that Mr. Lynch didn’t make a music video for our song. He created an animation of his character and allowed us to show it. If you missed us at Coachella, we’re proud to share it with you now. The man with the red button … is doing his job. “

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“I Touch a Red Button Man” specializes in NFT collections

First, the artists want you to know that “This is a carbon neutral collaboration for our partnership with Ariel.”The craze about NFTs’ estimated environmental costs is widespread online, so they went with a company that verifies carbon offsets. What else can fans ask for? Well, maybe be a part of the collection. About this, Forbes reported:

“In the spirit of Phantom and Collaboration, fans will be able to add a light personal creative touch to one of the eight parts of the 3D Gallery and choose a collaborator to receive free collaborative NFT.”

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Go to the website, choose UGC TV8 and use the very basic tools given to them to be part of the history. UGC means user generated content and you can be that user. Just be sure to leave your mark and your email before November 7th. There is still time to collaborate with both David Lynch and Interpol.

Featured Image: Screenshot from David Lynch's short film | Charts by TradingView

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