Dion Sanders could be the next head coach at FSU

The Florida State Seminoles football program has gone through three losing seasons and is in fourth place starting from 0-3 in 2021, and rumors have spread that Dion Sanders could eventually become the new head coach.

Tony Palin of the Pro Football Network reports that Sanders has widespread support in Tallahassee and was asked to bring “prime time” to the state of Florida instead of Mike Norwell in the spring:

“I asked, ‘What if Mike Norwell is unbeaten for the rest of the season?’ My source told me there is still a very good chance of bringing in Sanders. […] There’s been some talk about it since we came to Spring Football earlier this year and I’ve heard. Deon Sanders is very real in the state of Florida.

“[…] There was a big push in the state of Florida, it came back in March, to bring in Deon Sanders as the new head coach. The state of Florida has a team, not decision makers, but influential people who have the ears of decision makers.

It is particularly noteworthy that Norwell has four years left on his six-year contract. To bring “Neon Deon” in its place, Seminoles will have to outscore Norwell with a high-priced buyout.

Sanders shone as a defensive back and pont returner in the state of Florida. His incredible athleticism and coverage skills led Hall of Fame to an NFL career, and since retiring from pro football, Sanders has remained around playing in a variety of capacities.

After working in the media for some time, it was clear that Sanders wanted to go completely into coaching. Now, he is the head coach of Jackson State, trying to build a unique legacy and raise the national profile of the HBCU program. His son Shady Sanders is a newcomer and starts from quarterback for the Tigers.

For Sanders, the opportunity to bring his alma mater back to prominence at the highest level of college football can be very tempting – even if he’s putting his heart ing into what he’s doing in Jackson State right now.

The state of Florida desperately needs some juice, and there is reason to believe that Sanders can certainly recruit Tallahassee talent. His resume speaks for itself, and it’s hard to imagine a splashing move with more qualifications than hiring Sanders as the new head coach of the Seminoles.

Time will tell whether it is realized, or if it is a pipe dream revealed by Florida State sources desperate for a spark in a short time for a program. Whatever it is, it’s interesting to imagine Sanders walking around next to the Seminoles.

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