Did Nick Soap create a subtle recruitment pitch to Arch Manning during the ‘MNF’ presence?

Alabama coach Nick Saban made the most of his Monday appearance at the Manningcast of the Cowboys-Ag Gals game. He not only turned it into a recruiting pitch for his program – counting former players on the NFL roster – but used his platform to send a subtle message to the country’s top recruiter, Arch Manning.

Because of the SEC affiliation of the Soap and Manning brothers, the focus of most of their discussions during the “Monday Night Football” broadcast was during college, which included soap, then coaching against the LSU, Eli Manning’s Ole Miss team. Finally, Saban made a very subtle announcement about his coaching career:

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“I hope you guys could play for the tide when I was coaching in Alabama when Payton and Eli Manning were recruits,” Saban said. “I definitely want to coach a member of the Manning family.”

At face value, Soap simply expressed a desire to be able to coach Pyton or Eli Manning – certainly not a strange desire, as they were both No. 1 overall in their respective NFL drafts. But Saban could indirectly talk to his nephew Arch, the No. 1 pick in the country for the 202nd class, according to the 223 Sports Composite Rankings.

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Of course, NCAA rules prohibit talking directly about the appointment of college coaches. So that means Saban – who is known to bend the rules for the benefit of his team – will have to find a solution if he wants to pitch an appointment on national TV. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

It was, of course, a coincidence that Saban said that any quarterback should “go to the team where he will be surrounded by the most talent.” (Unrelated, but Alabama has signed on to the top-rated class in modern history with its 2021 signatories, and there are several top-rated recruitment classes under Soap. Also unrelated, but Arc Manning will be in Tascalusa for the Alabama-Ole Miss Game on Saturday).

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Of course, Soap is not the only coach who wants the youngest Manning on his team. Apparently all Miss and Tennessee have connections to Grandpa Archie, Dad Cooper and Uncle Eli and Payton. And LSU will also have to play, considering Arch Manning plays outside Isidore Newman High School in New Orleans.

In fact, Ole Miss Coach Lane Kiffin has even gone so far as to say that Arch Manning is just one of the two he follows on Instagram, the other is the current rebels quarterback Matt Coral.

No matter where Arch Manning decides to go to school, one thing is for sure: his appointment is going to be one of the wildest in college football history.

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