Dick Vitaly was diagnosed with cancer again

Dick Vitaly revealed in August that he was cancer-free after being previously diagnosed with melanoma, but unfortunately the college basketball legend is battling another health problem.

Vitale, 2, announced in a statement via ESPN on Monday that he had been diagnosed with lymphoma. He said his doctors believed the diagnosis was not related to melanoma, which was removed from the top of his nose and was “completely clear.” Vitale said that the treatment of lymphoma will be much more difficult but he is hopeful that it will be managed because of its early detection.

“The plan is to treat me with lymphoma steroids and six months of chemotherapy,” Vitale said. “Medical experts tell me that it has a cure rate of 0 percent. They say I can keep working so I have to manage my work schedule around my chemo schedule because they will monitor my test results.

Vitaly said he took inspiration from the children he met and spent time with those who have been battling cancer for years.

“In my war, I think of all the brave kids I know and I want to know all of them (after watching their fight with their cancer and after managing chemo / radiation) they inspire me and inspire me to take it the biggest fight I ever faced “I will do everything in my power to win this war!”

After spending several years as a high school and college coach, Vitale coached the Detroit Pistons for one season in 1978-79. He then went to work for ESPN and in 1979 called the network’s first college basketball game.

Vitale is an incredible ambassador of college basketball and as always enthusiastic about the sport. He signed an extension of his recent contract with ESPN earlier this year. Hopefully her treatment won’t stop her from doing something she often likes.

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