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Truth is one thing, news is another – it’s an insult we hear in newsrooms around the world. In fact, this line describes what a bang is. The thriller is an official remake of the 2013 Korean film The Terror Live. It paints an unprepared picture of the news channels. Dhamaka tells you that the news is a drug and the various channels are engaged in a fierce battle like mafia, to get big kind of action.

Radio talk-show presenter Arjun Pathak (Kartik Aryan) receives a phone call from a man claiming to have planted a bomb at Mumbai Sea Link. Arjun cuts off the call thinking he is dealing with a prankster and the caller gets angry and detonates the bomb. A large part of the bridge collapsed and several passengers were trapped. The caller again called and said that he had apologized to the government for the deaths of three workers who had been killed while repairing the bridge. Arjun’s boss Ankita Malaskar (Amrita Subhash), who only cares for TRP, transforms the radio room into a TV studio because she wants to milk the situation for everything of its value. He even agreed to Arjun’s demand that he be returned to TV. He was removed from the prime time anchor due to an unpleasant incident. Her personal life is also in jeopardy as she is on the verge of divorce from news reporter Soumya Mehra Pathak (Mrinal Tagore). Arjun thinks that if the terrorist is successfully discussed on live TV, he will be called a hero and will get another chance to get his career and life back. But as the minutes passed, he realized how ruthless his job could be. Its masters do not care about human lives and the police and political system want to save their own donkeys. The only person who is true to his call is his wife, who landed there as a journalist but helped during the rescue operation. Seeing him go beyond the call of duty helps him to adapt to his own shallow nature and to bring about a change of heart. He also realizes that he is a victim of a bomb-like system …

The film is said to have been shot in 11 days, and it is a kind of record. That said, if you look closely, the atmosphere of the film reminds you of a film set. CGI can be very good. Ram Madhavani gave us the gripping hostage drama Neerja (2016) and he is back in a somewhat similar environment in Dhamaka. He actually liked some intelligent casting. Amrita Subhash is very accurate in her portrayal as a corporate head Honcho, who only thinks for profit. The scenes of his conflict with Karthik are really fascinating. Mrinal Tagore also got a brief but interesting role as a dedicated journalist who still believes in the truth. He is an emotional anchor of a variety of films and we want to see him more. But the boldest casting choice is Karthik Aryan. Actor Rom is known for doing coms and is called the single expert in the industry. Madhavani forced him to break the envelope and bring his weaknesses to the root. It takes him a while to get to grips but as the film progresses, Karthik shows his emotional range. You can see that he has changed from a cruel news presenter to someone who is a victim of the monster he helped create. This is a new Kartik Aryan we see here and we hope he will take more such risks in the future.

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TNN, December 9, 2019, 7:28 PM IS

Critic rating:

/ 5


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