Devin Nunes claims that Joe Biden cheated Donald Trump on Russia

Russian wealth representative Devin Nunes (R-CA) said it was really Joe Biden, not Donald Trump, who is involved with Russia.

Putin’s Paul Devin Nunes has claimed that Biden is involved with Russia


Nunes said in Fox News’ Sunday Morning Futures:You still have a lot of Americans Those who have been poisoned By it Those who think Donald Trump Had something to do with Russia In fact it was the opposite, It was the Democrats and Clinton campaign and The bidders had something to do with that Do it with Russia. “

His colleagues in Congress have identified Nuns as a Russian asset for a reason

Devin Nunes is still trying to run a misinformation campaign against Trump and Russia five years later because back in 202, Russia will try to help Trump again and the Trump / Russia connection hits the former one-term president who failed with the voters.

There is a reason why members of Congress call Nunes a Russian asset.

Clinton and Joe Biden did not establish Donald Trump over Russia. Trump’s own behavior as president has sounded alarm bells because he has had secret meetings with Putin alone and has refused to face Russia’s dictator for four years.

Joe Biden is a staunch opponent of Putin, and like Trump and Nunes, there is no relationship between President Biden and Russia.

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