Despite winning more than 49ers, Bailles avoided being a fan of Aaron Rogers.

The undisputed Skip Belles was still incomplete with Aaron Rogers ’game-winning drive, setting up a Mason Crosby field goal to win Sunday night football against the San Francisco 49ers.

Despite many claims it was a great final drive for the NFL MVP, Bayles made a point of disagreeing with Shannon Sharp on her Fox Sports show.

Bailey said Jimmy Garoppolo put too much time on the clock when he scored a Go-Award touchdown with 37 seconds left. Final Drive also had some favorite words for the 49-year-olds for their defensive play-calling.

Bayles then took part in Rogers ’effort at the NFC Championship Games where he has just one win and four losses. However, it’s hard to ignore Rogers and his productivity in this game. He made two touchdowns for 211 yards in 2/33 and touch0-28 wins.

If only Aaron Rogers could do it in an NFC Championship game.

The Packers have now found themselves at the top of the NFC North standing after the win, but some still feel that the Packers and Rogers are not their Super Bowl team. After describing the New Orleans Saints as just a horrible week, the Packers then played something called the “Easy Kill” game against the Detroit Lions.

Did the 49ers ’defensive play-calling in the final drive help the Rogers in question?

Even with the win over the 49ers, Bayless still feels that San Francisco loses it more than Green Bay and especially with the defensive schemes used in Kyle Shanahan’s final drive.

In Davant, Adams scored 118 goals from Rogers, including 12 of 122 yards and a touchdown, two of which came in that final drive. Bayles said the 49-year-old should have double and triple-featured Adams and force Rogers to beat them with a lesser-known receiver.

“I didn’t see anything like the 49ers strategy in the last seconds of that game. Aaron Rogers is” stuck “in Green Bay with the best WR in pro-football. You can’t let Adams beat Davante.”

Al RealSkipBells

Marquez Valdes-Scantling was the second highest goal with four, so surely the defensive coordinators knew where Rogers wanted to go with the ball.

Adams’ two catches put the Packers on the field for Mason Crosby and split the veteran’s kick upwards as Green Bay won their second win of the season.

While the jury is still out of the Green Bay Packers ’Super Bowl chances, there is a way to win games to silence critics and it stands, after seemingly confused a few weeks ago, the Packers are at the top of the NFC North and in control of the division.

Rogers and Packers are followed by Ben Rothlisberger and Steelers, who have problems late. The Rogers and Packers will be favorites to extend their winning streak next Sunday.

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