Despite NHL / Blackhawks news, Goodell says NFL will not release full WFT investigation report

She is the mother.

She is the mother.
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Give the banner for Commissioners all around, Since Roger Goodell could not wait to get his full The legs in his mouth and possibly the brain E.g. Goodell has announced that the WFT’s culture investigation will not be made public without a summary. This was the same day, the same day, that one The NHL team has released a full report Upstairs Cover-Until Sexual harassment and harassment in public. Goodell obviously didn’t learn this lesson that if you do something worse than the NHL team, you’ve got a really bad head. Following the NHL in a moral test is really the end result of things.

While the Hawks themselves did not give an ace to keeping the player’s identity secret at the core of their investigation, simply releasing a report does not mean that you cannot correct and hide the names of the victims. Such an excuse is justified Using them as shields, which is disgusting. Especially when those people are asking for the report to be published directly:

Perhaps Hockey is under Goodell’s radar, but there should have been a lesson that making your ass the No. 1 priority is only going to end badly in the future. Especially when it comes to the NFL, where a lot of eyes are watching and a lot of interest. Goodell can’t hide what he’s doing here, even if he was really smooth and agile in a way that he just thinks.

Goodell has already poisoned the water for this report, which was probably his goal from the beginning. No one is going to buy what they find, there will be an uproar if the summary is published, and then Goodell will hope everything is gone. This probably indicates that Goodell knows that there is much more to be gained from it, more than just tearing John Gruden apart. And he’s going to duck it instead of facing it. But Goodell is always a man who just stays by his side and hopes that everything will pass him by. Even the expression on his face of someone who has no answer, hopefully no one will notice.

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