Derivatives data for Ethereum bulls even this week’s crash below K 3K by Cointelegraph

Derivatives data for Etherium Bulls to crash even below সপ্তাহ 3K this week

Ether (ETH) Has been on a bearish trend since the beginning of September, and this week The market crash led by Evergrand Priced below $ 2,700 on September 20, the lowest level in 47 days. Curiously, just three weeks ago, Ether was testing a প্রতি 4,000 psychological barrier, but that changed after crypto regulatory concerns and fears of China’s debt market increased the intensity of global sales.

Gary Gensler, chairman of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), spoke to the Washington Post this week. New plans to control the crypto sector And a growing stable market.

The price of ether on the bitstamp in USD. Source: Tradingview
Options open interest for September 24th. Source:

The Bulls still have an advantage after Friday’s 1.55 billion expiration

To win, the Bears must keep the Ether below 2,900