Derby 3 – 2 B’mouth

Tom Lawrence lost 2-2 to second-placed Bournemouth in the Double County Championship in the second half.

The hosts took the lead in the 13th minute header from Jason Knight, with Bournemouth taking the lead at half time after goals from Zidane Anthony (19) and Dominic Solank (38).

Tom Lawrence celebrates scoring goals for Derby v Bournemouth

However, two goals from Lawrence, two from the penalty spot, within seven seconds and half minutes, gave Wayne Rooney a crucial victory to give the team a 21-point lead and move up to zero points in the table, while Bournemouth are second, now just one point. The leader behind is Fulham.

The way Lawrence won his first derby in eight games

Home Loyalists were in full voice 13 minutes later when Bournemouth conceded their first goal in eight league competitions on the street.

Knight won a corner after Leif Davis’ shot deflected to the back, and when Max Bird swung the ball to the right, the 20-year-old midfielder rose to the top to find the net from six yards out.

Cherys’ first attempt of the match came 18 minutes later when Solanke collected Lewis Cook’s pass but picked up an attempt at one end of the box.

Zidane Anthony celebrates scoring for Bournemouth against Derby
Zidane Anthony celebrates scoring for Bournemouth against Derby

Within seconds, however, spectators drew to the level courtesy of the terrifying game when Derby lost possession in their own box as goalkeeper Kelly Rousse was seen playing short out from the goal kick.

Russ then defended Ryan Christie’s shot with his outstretched right foot, but Anthony fired from 10 yards out after Curtis Davis kicked his early attempt from the line.

Scott Parker’s side then took the lead in the 38th minute when Solank fired a 10-yard shot from under the body of pioneer Russ after Jefferson Larmer slipped into the goal.

After Philip Billing wins an airy ball in the home box, the next one leads to an easy chance before the break, when the derby moves closer to stoppage time in the first half when Lawrence heads in a Festi Ebocel cross and plays Graeme Shini’s half-volley. .

Derby County's Tom Lawrence is celebrating with a third goal against Bournemouth
Lawrence is celebrating the third goal against Bournemouth

Hours later, after Colin Kazim-Richards won the possession in the away box, Ramos returned to the condition and when the ball went to Lawrence 15 yards away from the goal, he made a great effort to top Mark Travers. In the left corner.

Lawrence was rejoicing in Pride Park in the 69th minute when Jack Stacey, through the left channel, pushed Shini into the box with an inch after the 27-year-old midfielder drilled the penalty in the middle. Goals as Travers dives to his right.

Lawrence’s dazzling footwork later led to a Kazim-Richards diving header that led him to a massive goal.

Seeing Travers out of his line, Lawrence also tried an adventurous 40-yard lobe that traveled just above.

But Billings still should have earned a point to the spectators when he widened from a yard to a distant post at the time of his death.

The Cherries were left to reflect on the faithful, however, in a ninth contest without a win against the Derby, returning to the 1985 Baseball Ground clash.

What next?

The Derby Fulham tour, when visiting Bournemouth Millwall, both Championship games will start at 4.45pm on Wednesday at the red button. Sky Sports Football.

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