Deployed Gender Advisor for Afghans at Fort McCoy

Awakening never stops.
After handing over Afghanistan to the Taliban, detaining thousands of Americans and green card holders, and equipping the terrorist regime with thousands of U.S. weapons, the U.S. military is concentrating on important tasks.

The vigilante U.S. military recently deployed Fort McCoy as a “gender and safety adviser” to address domestic abuse and attacks on children.

Instead of focusing on how to rescue trapped Americans or prevent them from getting lost to 7th-century barbarians, they are focusing on gender issues.

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Madison.com reports:

The U.S. military has sent a “gender and protection adviser” to Fort McCoy to deal with domestic violence, childcare emergencies and the recent winter of thousands of Afghan refugees at military bases.

The consultants hope to meet the gender-specific needs of about 1,000,000 men, women, boys and girls at Fort McCoy and eight other U.S. military installations. The military has said in a statement since the Afghan government fell to the Taliban in August. Gender Advisory for the Department of Defense was created by a 2018 law that compels the U.S. military to meet the gender needs of people and minorities in war and conflict zones.

“We understand that this is the perfect installation,” Sharon Feist, chief gender adviser at the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command, said in a statement. “What better place to help women and children and the needs of the opposite sex than the US hosting of Afghan IDPs.”

The Wisconsin State Journal reported in September that some Afghan women at the base had been harassed by Afghan men, many of them former members of the Afghan military. An Afghan man at the base has been charged in federal court with sexually abusing two underage boys, while another has been charged with suffocating and suffocating his wife.

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