Democrats reject default terrorist Mitch McConnell and say blood GOP will be in hand

Representative Jackie Spear (D-CA) said the Democrats have no plan B, and if Mitch McConnell defaults, the blood will be in the hands of the GOP.


Rep. Spear said when asked if Democrats have Plan B to avoid default?No, there can be no plan “B.” We have already carried these O In fact, 27% of debt Made by created Donald Trump his time Administration Only 3% under biden Administration We spend that money Rescue plan, where we came from Business, we have helped people Those who were unemployed, that’s all Expenses Everyone has supported it. We had 44 Republicans It supported. So on the one hand, they want It supports, but then they don’t Want to pay for it? I mean, it’s just irresponsible, And we have to call them and Make everyone aware of what it is For every American If the Republicans go through this With this political game. “

Spear was asked what Democrats would do if Republicans did not change their position.

He replied, “Well, that’s going to happen Blood in their hands. You will see the stock market Submerged You will see an increase Interest rate. You’re going to look social Not the recipients of security Accept their check, and we’ll Point to Republicans That it is reckless The behavior of those Republicans They will not even be so irresponsible Pay for what they have Already voted “

Democrats are going to make Republicans own the defaults

Debt limitation is not a discussion. Republicans don’t want anything. They are not going to vote on economic terrorism in an attempt to destroy the US economy.

This is pure 2022 electoral politics, and it will be exactly the opposite when the procession McConnell tried this 11 years ago. It collapsed when Republicans shut down the government for Trump as the former president tried to raise money for his border wall.

If Republicans trigger a default, they will own it. Democrats will make sure of that, and the political terrorists in the GOP will have to pay the price.

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